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Sticker or Label 5 Considerations when requesting a printing quote what to know

Sticker or Label: 5 Considerations When Requesting a Printing Quote – What to Know

Stickers and labels are perfect marketing and branding materials that have been widely employed by many companies. While stickers are used for promotions that are handed out individually, labels are effective tools utilized mostly for packaging. 

After producing the graphic designs of stickers or labels, the next step is to request for a printing quote from prospective printing in London. Even before you take the plunge in having your materials printed, there are several factors to consider.

For your guide and reference, here are five factors to consider when requesting a printing quote from a printing service in London.

1. Main Purpose 

Stickers or labels are marketing tools that serve various purposes. You have to know what you intend to do with the labels or stickers and what they are for exactly. Along with this is knowing if they’re going to be used indoors or outdoors and if they will be applied temporarily or permanently. 

You also have to consider the type of environment they will be subjected to. By relaying your exact purpose of printing stickers or labels, your printing company will know what specific properties to employ for your business needs.

2. Printing Type

Know that there is a wide range of printing types for stickers and labels that you can choose from. They come in various formats, whether it’s standard, clear, or textured. Standard printing makes use of polypropylene vinyl or paper, while clear printing utilizes transparent vinyl for a see-through background. 

Other types include a textured paper with a range of textures and tones adding a luxurious, hand-made effect, as well as metallic paper with shiny silver, gold, or multi-colour metallic printing on vinyl. There are more specialist types as well, such as kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers for custom shapes.

3. Label or Sticker Size

It’s actually quite common for companies to be unsure of the exact size that they need for their stickers or labels. While stickers can be more flexible in size, labels need to obtain the correct height and width to get the right fit. 

Whatever purpose you have for your labels or stickers, make sure to decide first on a particular size, and measure it. Provide this measurement to the printing service companies so that they can provide you with the appropriate quote.

4. Quantity

Quantity simply refers to the number of pieces of labels or stickers that you want to produce. Chances are that you already have a quantity in mind or have allocated a particular budget for that. Upon requesting a quote or after placing an order, you may list the quantity or state your budget for the labels or stickers. Know that with bulk orders, you might even get a discount. For this reason, it’s more practical to order a big batch as compared to a small batch.

5. Design

When it comes to designs, you have the option to use your own graphic designer or leave everything to the printing service company. Know that most printing services have their own professional graphic designers on the team to pull off the label or sticker designs as well. 

Final Words

The overall success of your printing project for labels or stickers is dependent on several factors, such as the purpose of printing, printing type, sticker or label size, quantity, and design. With all these factors in mind, you’ll be able to provide all the necessary details when requesting for a printing quote and decide on the right printing service in London that is suited for your business needs. 

If you are looking for a professional sticker printing service in London, get in touch with Print Pal London today to see how we can help achieve your needs!

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