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4 Reasons Foamex Is among the Best Printing Materials

Have you ever heard of Foamex? A type of plastic made out of expanded PVC, Foamex is typically used as a panel and offers plenty of benefits such as being lightweight, easy to print on, and water-resistant. If you are looking for one of the best panel materials out there for your printing needs, consider Foamex! Many businesses use it to decorate their interiors, while others use it for advertising their store, and if you share any similar needs, it is a material you must take seriously.

Wondering what makes Foamex like no other? Here are a few characteristics making it one of the most popular and reliable materials:

Easy to print on

Foamex is one of the easiest materials to print on. This is because the molecular structure of PVC gives it an incredibly flat surface. More importantly, that surface is white, allowing the printing process to be quite effective.

Keep in mind that simply printing straight onto the Foamex will result in a matte finish. If you want something shiny, then a UV varnish can add the gloss look. The varnish also acts as extra protection, ensuring that what is printed onto the Foamex panel stays.

Simple to work with 

Foamex is easy to work with. It can be shaped in many ways through cutting or milling, and it can even be bent to create even more shapes. The Foamex panel is also easy to clue and insert screws into, allowing it to be maintained, glued onto, or hung anywhere on the property. Whether you’re looking to hang the panel from the ceiling or affix it to the wall, installation won’t be hard at all!

Durable and reliable

Although Foamex may seem fragile, it is anything but that. Foamex panels are quite durable. They can withstand elements like rain, and they are quite resistant to wear and tear. They do not lose their shape either despite the environment. The only issue they are subject to is losing the quality of whatever was printed on the surface if they are constantly exposed to the sun. Other than that, you can rely on Foamex to last quite a long time and avoid having to reinvest money into other solutions.

Offers excellent value for money

This is great news for any business with a limited budget. Foamex panels are incredible for the cost they come in. They are an excellent alternative to many of the more expensive options such as aluminium or even Plexiglas. Without sacrificing too many benefits, Foamex can still offer businesses a reliable panel solution, and this solution gets even better knowing it is cost-effective!


All in all, Foamex is an excellent material that you should consider if you want to set up panels in your business for various purposes such as ads and more. With the help of a professional printing service provider that can work with the material, your use of Foamex becomes even more diverse! You can create any design to be printed on the material, and because you are working with such good material, you’ll rest easy knowing that your printing efforts will provide you value for the long-term, bringing more attention to your business.

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