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Printing Service London – The Renewed Value Of The Corporate Christmas Card

Printing Service London

One of the main reasons to use printing service London based for your marketing material is to help you stand out from the crowd. Properly designed and professionally printed literature can really get you noticed for all the right reasons. These days, companies tend to use printing services less frequently than they used to, relying on electronic bulletins and messages instead.

However, you can use this to your advantage by investing at key times of the year in printed material when others are not. One area worth considering is the corporate Christmas card. Here are three reasons why a printers London way can boost your marketing this festive season.

  1. In recent years, there’s been a move towards e-cards. While these are quick, easy and cheap to send, they’re also impersonal and more than likely to be overlooked in people’s inboxes, especially at a busy time of year. So if you take the time to send a proper, traditional card through the post, you’ll demonstrate a personal touch and attention to detail that’s hard to beat! It’s even better if you ask the relevant staff at your organisation to hand-sign the card.
  2. A physical card is more likely to be pinned to a corporate noticeboard or otherwise be placed somewhere highly visible. This provides a season-long reminder of your business to everyone who sees it, and can be a particularly valuable tool if you haven’t heard from the client for a little while. You are gently yet politely reminding them that you’re still around and available to help them out.
  3. Send one to each of your key contacts within a larger organisation and you reinforce that human connection. Hand-write a short, personalised note in each for maximum impact.

All in all, the value of a good quality greetings card prepared by a professional printing service London based cannot be underestimated. Why not start thinking about yours today?

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