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Printer London Advises On The Best Size For Leaflets

Printer London

So you’re in early talks with your printer London based, in preparation for leaflet printing for your business. Various sizes are available, from the smallest (A7) to the largest (A3). You want to create maximum impact, but for minimum expense: which size should you choose?

The answer is ‘it all depends’! Any decent printer will advise you, but ultimately, only you know precisely what you want your marketing material to achieve. Think carefully about how it will be used and you should have your answer. Here are a few helpful considerations:

  • A7 is a dinky little size that attracts attention because of its dimensions alone – at 74mm x 105mm, it’s only just bigger than used for printing business cards. Save this format for short promotional messages like special offers, because you won’t get much text on it, and those few words must stand out.
  • By contrast, A3 is practically a poster at 297mm x 420mm. There are some circumstances in which this may be a useful size – if you are folding it, for example – but it’s largely to be avoided for promotional leaflet printing UK wide. Viewers will suffer from overwhelm trying to take it all in in one go!
  • A4 is great – unfolded, it’s 210mm x 297mm and can make a big impact as a large flyer or small poster. Fold it and it’s cheaper to mail out, as it falls into the lowest postal rate. You can also get stacks of information and photos on the six panels for a really eye-catching leaflet.
  • By far the most popular size for the multi-purpose leaflet, though, is A5, at 148mm x 210mm. It’s incredibly versatile – easy to post through letterboxes, won’t take up too much room on an exhibition stand and is inexpensive to print and post too. It can be printed on both sides and won’t give your potential customers information overload!

Use the above information to guide you on the size of your leaflet, then take advantage of a quality printer London based to get the best bang for your buck!