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8 Places You Can Use for Product Brochure Distribution

8 Places You Can Use for Product Brochure Distribution

Though the world is moving digitally, traditional marketing methods are still here to stay. For instance, printed product brochures are still valued and can catch your target market’s attention.

If you want to take advantage of people’s connection with tangible advertising, here are some ways to distribute your product brochures effectively.

1. Shopping Malls

Places like malls are usually filled with people. Many people will see your marketing materials if you set up a stand or a table and hand out your product brochures.

Find out if the malls you want to distribute your brochures through having a marketing scheme in place or not. Usually, malls have a marketing scheme in place, so you will just need to pay the mall a fee, and they will take care of the rest.

Aside from the shopping mall itself, you can also distribute your product brochures in common areas in the mall, such as the waiting area in the food court.

2. Reception Areas

Aside from malls, you can also reach your target market by distributing your product brochures in reception areas of high-traffic buildings.

For instance, most hospitals have a reception area for patients and visitors. Your target market will see your product brochures and will be more likely to read them.

3. Inside Product Order Packages

When your customers receive their orders, you can include your product brochures inside their packages. If your customers can read what you wrote about your products, they are more likely to use them.

You may include a smaller brochure inside the package and a larger one outside the parcel so they won’t miss it.

4. Bus Stations and Airport Lounges

A lot of people use public transportation to get to places. Give your target market a place to sit and relax while reading your brochures at bus stations and airport lounges.

5. Colleges and Universities

Is your target market composed of a lot of students? If your answer is yes, you might want to consider distributing your product brochures in schools and colleges.

Make sure you have a good strategy for distributing your brochures. You can inform your target market about your product, and at the same time, you are reaching out to new people and developing a new market.

6. Bulletin Boards

You can place your product brochures on bulletin boards in public places like the library or local supermarkets. Make sure you give a few copies to these establishments to help you advertise your product.

7. Trade Shows

You can reach many people through trade shows, fairs, and expos. These events are held where many people are gathered, so you can just set up a table and sell your products, along with your product brochures.

8. Other Local Businesses

If you are looking for a more cost-effective marketing strategy, you might consider distributing your brochures to local businesses.

You can place your product brochures inside their business or leave them on the countertop near the cash register.

You can even organise trading brochures with our business owners so you all can help each other.

Final Thoughts

Product brochures are essential advertising tools for any business. But you need to distribute it to the right people to get the exposure and deliver people to your products. Also, you must have the proper product brochures to market your product or business effectively. Before you create your brochures, make sure you choose the right design and layout.

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