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Our Tips for a Business Card People Will Hang on to

Some say that business cards are as obsolete as a landline in the age of the internet. A small slip of paper with some numbers and writing on it can quickly become monotonous. Whether they’re extended at a professional networking event or along with a service, business cards aren’t as effective as they used to be—and it’s not because of industry changes, either! 

Business cards are still a great way to network, but yours might not be packing the punch you think they are. Wondering how to make your business cards work for you? You’ve come to the right place. Designing something that people won’t want to throw away takes a little creativity. 

Designing an Effective Business Card

As the world continues to digitalize, many traditional approaches to network construction have been judged outmoded. On the other hand, business cards have shown to be a successful strategy, especially when done correctly. Here are some pointers to help you up your business card game.

Stop Using White Cards

The archetypal combination of black and white will never go out of style, but it often won’t get you much attention, either. Your card’s black ink and white background could be to blame for their demise. They’ll blend in with the rest of the business cards, failing to pique the interest of the receipt and securing a place in the garbage bin. 

Choose a lovely dark blue or perhaps satin black for a one-of-a-kind look. These colors exude wealth, knowledge, and authority. If your brand is particularly well-known for a unique colour palette, don’t be afraid to experiment with these too! A minor design update like this could take your business card from forgettable to outstanding. 

That said, make sure you’re using a hue that complements your brand’s identity. While this daring move can be beneficial, make sure it complements your font style and has sufficient contrast.

Experiment With Pictures

While business cards shouldn’t be used as photo galleries, there are times that pictures can add value. Full-color photos on one or both sides of your business card provide something for folks to look at. Your name, title, and logo aren’t always enough, especially if you’re a photographer or artist. 

Consider business cards to be a chance to show off a sample of your work. To take it to the next level, incorporate design elements. You could even use variable printing to make a set of business cards with a different graphic on each card. 

Some people even choose to add headshots. In many industries, it’s important for viewers to match the face with the name, so including pictures on your business cards will help you. Remember, though, that selfies are a no-no. To keep it looking professional, including a tasteful black and white photo or a professional headshot.

Take a Different Shape

There’s no hard rule that says your business card has to be the size and shape of a credit card. As long as they’re easy to store and convey all the information needed, there are no limits! Certain industries may even benefit from using shapes that strongly indicate what they do. Are you a florist? Scalloped edges and a floral design can go a long way! Real estate professional? A skyline cut out of the top of your card could make it incredibly memorable! 

While die-cut business cards are a great way to get your cards more attention, it’s important to remember that they cost more and you will have to weigh costs and benefits. If you rely on word-of-mouth and brand awareness to get clients, though, the costs may very well be worth it!

Final Thoughts

People still enjoy business cards, and they like them much more when it piques their attention.  A business card, when professionally created, can be your ticket into a prospect’s contacts list and memory. Give potential leads and new clients an eye-catching business card that has been specially designed, rather than just any old card.

Allow us to turn your creative business card ideas into a reality. Work with one of the best printing services in London today! Contact us at PrintPal and start building your network with the best business card!