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Our Guide to The Best Printing Materials For Your Business

Even in this modern digital revolution, print marketing continues to be a powerful strategy that can help businesses of all scale and type reach and engage with their target customers. Studies found that print media is in the midst of a massive resurgence and back in 2017, its response rate surged by 190% with 43% more customers responding directly. 

The reason why it remains effective promotional collateral is due to its tangibility. The physical form of a flyer, poster, or brochure lends an enduring advantage over digital forms as it encourages customers to act now, rather than mark these marketing materials as spam when sent through email. Additionally, it is a cost-effective advertising tactic that has proven to garner a significant amount of ROI. 

To that end, here is an overview of the top print formats that you can take advantage of in your marketing strategy today. 


Business Cards

With the boom of technology and businesses becoming a digitalized landscape – from signing contracts to creating business proposals – the use of the age-old business cards remains just as essential today. That small piece of paper is a powerful tool and a crucial part of marketing yourself, especially when you consider how it contains all the necessary information a potential client needs. 

Exchanging business cards is also one way of maintaining the flow of conversation compared to giving out just your contact information. This is because swapping contact numbers can disrupt discussions and reduce the genuine connection you can make through networking. Beyond that, business cards also serve to create a memorable first impression of your brand more than just a pass on an email address or phone number. 



When your company is showcasing your services or products in an event sponsorship such as a rock show, festival, sports event, or tradeshows, banners are a powerful marketing tool that can effectively draw attention and get your image in front of hundreds or thousands of potential customers amidst the competition surrounding your stall. For that reason, it’s crucial to have a striking design and state-of-the-art printing presses to leave a positive and long-lasting impression in just one glance.


Leave-behind Marketing Materials

As the name suggests, these print marketing materials are what you can leave behind to educate prospective customers about your business. You can hand out these items to the potential target market after meetings, during events, or have them on full-display in your office or brick-and-mortar stores. Leave-behind marketing materials include the following:

Brochures or Catalogues – This is a glossy way of presenting your ‘About Us’ page in a stylized, easy-to-digest, and tangible format. It is where you can showcase your values and goals as a business, which is an essential feature that can be beneficial in trade shows or showrooms.

Flyers or Leaflets – This is a highly effective marketing strategy that is best used in targeted events or areas proven to be demographically significant to your market for higher returns. Keep in mind that these collaterals must be distributed to specific customers as mail dumping it to random, cold prospects will result in an expensive and ineffective effort.

  • Product/Service fact sheets
  • Price lists

The effectiveness of each print material mainly depends on your industry. For instance, a B2C company may benefit from brochures, while a B2B company may need a separate price list and sales sheet along with the pamphlet when getting to know your business. Print Pal is a printing shop based in London, get in touch today to see how we can help! We have a wide range of printing products available to help accelerate your business.


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