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Our Guide on How to Make Your Product Label Stand Out

It’s a common practice for companies to include labels in packaging their products. The reason they do so is that product labelling is said to be an essential part of marketing. In fact, a product label is considered a marketing kit used for branding, which contains the company’s logo, products, uses, and directions. Because of this, you want to make sure that your product labels are effective, useful, and appealing to the consumers. 

To make your sure product label stands out, below are a few guidelines to follow. Keep on reading to find out more.


When it comes to fonts, the rule of thumb is to ensure its readability. Use fonts that are aligned with your brand’s target market. Simple design elements such as fonts can either make or break a product.


The label design’s colour should complement well with the product. You don’t want a label’s colour to make the entire package less visually appealing. Make sure to incorporate the use of colour psychology for your branding and packaging. Tools such as Adobe Kuler, ColourLovers, and ColorBlender can help you with selecting the right colour for your label design.


As pictures paint a thousand words, what better way to proceed than to use high-quality graphics on your label? However, the images used should be relevant to your products and reflective of your company’s brand.


Incorporating a theme makes the label elements consistent. Start by thinking of a theme that your label designs and elements should revolve around. Make sure this theme lines up with your branding and the products being sold.

Label finish

The label finish, which refers to the outer look of a product label, can make a significant difference in your branding as well. You can either opt for a matte finish to have a more classic look or a glossy one for a high impact, shiny look.

Label shapes

There are plenty of shapes to choose from, depending on your product’s form and packaging. They don’t necessarily have to be rectangle or round, as most labels are, but you can dig deep into your creativity to come up with new shapes for your product label.

Label size

The label size is usually dependent on the product’s packaging. If it’s a round container you’re using, you can either opt for a large label or a separate front and back label. A large wrap-around label also works for certain products, but make sure to keep a front “panel” with the vital branding information.

Contact details

Companies must have their contact information on their product labels. Because of this, make sure that you include your contact information, web site address, and physical address on your product label. You can even indicate a special web site on your label for customers to sign up for an email list. By doing so, you can gather information and start interacting with your customers.

If you want your product label to stand out, make sure to incorporate all the elements and follow the labelling tips mentioned above. You’ll witness how these can make a significant difference in your product label, which will translate into brand awareness and product sales.

If you’re looking for a printing company in London to help make your product label stand out, get in touch with us to see how we can help!

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