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Our 3 Tips in Designing an Excellent Leaflet for Marketing

Leaflets, although old-school, are still excellent tools for marketing, especially if done right and distributed to the right audience. They remain an essential part of the marketing mix, able to achieve the cut-through digital forms of marketing just can’t seem to achieve. In addition, the use of leaflets teaches you the priceless skill of how to use limited space to its maximum potential. 

So how can you design effective leaflets for marketing? Here are three tips to help you out:

1. Your Leaflet Is Only as Good as Your Creative Brief

Every good leaflet (or any marketing channel) starts with a well-laid-out creative brief. In this case, the brief should cover a leaflet’s essentials such as, “Who is your leaflet’s audience?” or “What do you want your leaflet to do?” Questions should range from who you’re aiming and how you will distribute the leaflets, to its design aspects and what you want the reader to do after reading it. 

By asking and answering all of these types of questions, your leaflet’s design, content, and imagery will all work hand-in-hand towards a set goal. In the end, you achieve the results you want.

 2. Make Use of AIDA

AIDA is an acronym in the world of marketing that describes a series of events someone should go through when interacting with any marketing material. When designing your leaflet’s content, headline, and imagery, it should all satisfy AIDA.

  • ‘A’ for attention. You have to figure out what really appeals to your audience to grab their attention. 
  • ‘I’ for interest. Once you’ve caught their attention, raise their interest by showing off your product’s features, including how they’ll benefit from its use. 
  • ‘D’ for desire. Now that you have their attention and they’re interested, you want to create a ‘need’ that didn’t exist in the first place. Convince your audience that they ‘need’ the product, that they should keep the leaflet for reference. 
  • ‘A’ for action. Guide your customers to take action and do something about your leaflet,

such as purchasing your product. Don’t let all your efforts go in vain by allowing a customer to place your marketing material aside, ignored and forgotten.

 3. Make a Good First Impression

You have to realize that customers are constantly bombarded with marketing material of all types, all fighting one another for attention. This means that your leaflet will most likely be displayed next to other leaflets. Since there’s so much competition, you’ll have to make sure you make the best first impression you can. 

In today’s society, the first impression is made within two seconds the moment a customer notices your leaflet. You don’t get a second chance, so make sure the impact is a positive one that attracts attention. By focusing on the design and attention-grabbing aspect of your leaflet coupled with an attractive headline or image, you’re on your way to making an excellent first impression.

 To conclude, put as much effort as you can to the design of your leaflets. They’re excellent tools for marketing, plus they’re one of the best value print forms of marketing out there.

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