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3 Common Misconceptions About Roller Banners 1

3 Common Misconceptions About Roller Banners

If you’ve been to some conventions or job fairs, or passed by some pop-up stalls, you’ve probably seen some roller banners. Roller banners are a common way to show information and graphics at these types of events. They’re also used to catch the attention of potential customers.

If you’ve never used a roller banner before, then you might not think much of them. But getting one for your business can be great for marketing. Just don’t listen to those discouraging you from getting some just because of some common misconceptions. We’re here to debunk these myths to help you form a more informed decision.

What Is a Roller Banner

A roller banner is a printed graphic panel that can stand on its own. It has a spring-loaded aluminium base that the panel rolls back into for more convenient transport and storage.

To use it, you just simply set up the stand and pull the panel from the roll and attach it to the pole. You can put any graphic or design on a roller banner. But it is typically used by businesses to promote themselves or a new product or service they’re offering.

Roller Banners Are Flimsy

A common misconception about roller banners is that they’re flimsy and easily brought down by a simple gust of wind. But actually, roller banners are pretty stable. Roller banners have improved in design and now have metal feet to provide better stability. There’s also a detachable pole that gives the panel added support.

Roller Banners Are Difficult to Install

Some people think you need more than one person to install a roller banner. This is not the case. You can do it all on your own. You won’t need any tools, and you can even pull it off in under half a minute.

The steps are pretty simple. First, you take out all the components. You need to set up the base by rotating the feet at a 90-degree angle. Join the three sections of the pole together and insert the completed rod into the base. Once the frame is stable, pull the banner upwards from the base and secure it to the top of the pole. Voila! Your roller banner is all set up.

Roller Banners Are Tacky

So maybe they’re not that weak or difficult after all. But perhaps they can be tacky? Well, we don’t think so.

If you use high-quality materials, then the result can be excellent. Consider using some sturdy vinyl for a durable panel or perhaps a polyester fabric panel if you’re going for a softer look. These materials can provide a smooth finish for your graphics.

Speaking of graphics, some people may think roller banners are tacky because of poor graphic design. Don’t use outdated or corny designs for your graphics. You can hire someone to make some excellent graphics for you, or you could look at some free templates that look minimalistic and professional. Also, make sure that you use high-resolution graphics and high-quality printers.

Final Thoughts

Roller banners are a great way to market your business despite some misconceptions you might hear. They’re sturdy, easy to install and can make your presentation stand out. Take advantage of the different print options available today for your business’s promotions.

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