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How to Maintain a Strong Presence with Exhibition Stands 1

How to Maintain a Strong Presence with Exhibition Stands?

Networking is considered the masterstroke when marketing your business. With cold calling and emails, you will find that you’re ignored. However, meeting someone face-to-face and getting your voice heard with the right approach can make a huge difference. Printing companies in London provide businesses opportunities for two-way direct communication with the public.

Impact of Participating in Exhibitions

An exhibition or trade show offers an excellent opportunity to boost brand awareness among industry professionals and key decision-makers. In addition, it’s hard for start-ups to get a foothold in the industry where they operate.

Therefore, raising brand awareness at a trade show is a relatively straightforward process. From concept to creation, a quality exhibition stand will transform your brief into a reality that exceeds expectations.

Building Blocks for an Eye-Catchy Exhibition Stand Design

Analyse each visual design element that goes into making your creative stand design. It will help you manage your capital better without falling for design gimmicks that scarcely contribute to the final look and feel.

Here are the pertinent visual elements that define the look of your exhibition stand:-

Stand spaces

Stand space can restrain the length and breadth of your exhibition stand design. You must know that a single product display needs lesser space. Moreover, your budget and exhibition objective also plays a vital role in deciding the floor size of your stand space.

Print quality

For exhibition stands, vinyl printing is the most common one. It will provide you with a glossier look in comparison to fabrics that has their own texture. Our printing company in London will offer you lightweight and modular exhibition stands according to your unique needs.

Type of stand

There are different hybrids and custom stand types that exhibition stand designers and builders offer to their clients.

  1. Shell scheme stands.
  2. Raw space stands.
  3. Row stands.
  4. Corner and two corner stands.
  5. Island stands.


The traffic pattern at the exhibition hall can be the deciding factor of your stand location. Therefore, consider traffic flow from the entry and exit points, cafeteria, restrooms, and pathways to conferences. It will assist you in making an informed decision.


Your brand guidelines will decide the colour palette of your exhibition stand design. Our skilled and experienced printing professionals will help you choose the best exhibition stands in London. We aim to make the most transparent and quickest brand associations possible.

Handy tips to make a long-lasting impression at an exhibition

  • Create attractive graphics that engage the audience. Place your brand name, logo, and message strategically for maximum impact.
  • Add social media information for potential buyers to find you online. The motive of the exhibition is to achieve massive sales after the doors of the exhibition have closed.
  • Place your exhibition stands near blue-chip companies. It provides attendees with the impression that you’re one of the industry leaders.
  • Have a professional approach to the exhibition as companies want to partner with competent and reliable operations.
  • Setup your exhibition stands around your flagship products and highlight the perks to the consumers. It will boost the chances of selling to your target customers.
  • For all the deals that you can’t close on the spot, set up an appointment after the event for another chance to persuade the lead.

The bottom line

A trade show or exhibition exposes the strategies and the best offerings of all the top brands in the industry. Setting up an amazing exhibition stand on a budget isn’t rocket science. You also need diligent planning and smart decision making to use cost-effective creative ideas for exhibition stands that can have a lasting impact.

We offer the best exhibition stands in London and provide professional assistance for massive success in your exhibition.

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