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Labels vs Stickers Whats the Difference Between the Two

Labels vs. Stickers: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

When you need to mark your items or advertise your business, bespoke stickers or labels are an excellent choice. Which you pick will be determined by your application requirements and how you want to use your personalised stickers or labels.

Labelling anything entails affixing a printed sheet of paper to it held in place by an adhesive. While labels may seem similar to a sticker, the distinction is in how each is applied. Let’s look at what distinguishes these marketing items and which type will best suit your needs.

What Exactly Are Stickers?

Stickers are typically used on outdoor surfaces or on items that are exposed to the weather. Stickers are ideal for promoting your brand on consumers’ car bumpers, camping trailers, coolers, outdoor equipment and a variety of other outdoor-related goods. Stickers often have a finishing coating over the printed design that allows water to bead and roll off without harming the graphic and provides for simple cleanup from mud, dirt and other outdoor contaminants. Colourful kids stickers with superheroes or gold stars placed on schoolwork are examples of stickers.

Stickers are one of the best ways to promote your business. They let your brand picture go to unexpected locations, pique the curiosity of many prospective new customers who discover your sticker and begin studying your business. This natural curiosity is one of the most acceptable methods to create organic brand recognition; your customers who use your stickers may practically market your company to others without them knowing any better.

What Exactly Are Labels?

A label is a piece of plastic, cloth, paper, or similar material fastened to a container or object to convey information about the item’s composition and function. Labels can serve as a marketing and informational tool, enhancing shelf attractiveness and capturing customer attention.

With these goals in mind, you may collaborate with a graphic designer to produce a label that accurately reflects your business and delivers information. Using a non-traditional label material such as our Metallic, Holographic, Clear, or Kraft materials is one of many methods to produce a creative label design. Labels, in general, cannot resist exposure to the elements. Most labels will start to break and disintegrate when exposed to heavy precipitation or moisture. Still, they can resist the normal moisture levels and oils many items come into contact with during shipment and storage. The main goal of using labels is to make your items stand out on the shelf while helping customers make an informed decision about your products.

How Do You Choose Between the Two?

Stickers are generally put on a flat surface of any size and are more pictorial in design (such as logos and drawings). On the other hand, labels are used for identification or information (such as name tags and product packaging) and are generally designed to be applied to a specific surface size.


Stickers and labels are fancy advertising or informational tools that are only limited by the designer’s creativity. They’re fun, cheap and easy to distribute for marketing purposes.

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