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Increase Sales with these Five Printed Items

Increase Sales with these Five Print Marketing Materials

Today, we are living in a digital age.  When digital marketing first arrived into the arena, experts went gaga over it, making all sorts of predictions about how within a few years traditional marketing would become obsolete.  But after more than a decade, we are still witnessing massive banners, large hoardings, flyers, leaflets, brochures and all sorts of printed marketing material on the streets.  Marketing material printing companies in London are making decent money and businesses are consistently looking for top companies for flyer printing in London and marketing material printing in London.

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If you also want to increase your sales, you can use the following five print marketing materials.

Business cards

Business cards are a necessity, not a luxury.  It is as simple as that.  If you are a business owner and you don’t have a business card, it sends the wrong message to your prospects and customers.  Business cards contain your contact information, your brand name and logo, your brand tagline, your company services, and a blank space to be used for making small notes.

Your business cards are one of the most professional ways to share your contact information with prospects and customers, telling them you are willing to expand your business.  You can hand over business cards to your marketing team to help them target prospects well and increase sales.


When it comes to cost-effective traditional marketing material, nothing can beat flyers. Flyers can send a message cost-effectively to the masses.  A flyer is usually printed on one side with the other side left blank.  Unlike other print marketing materials, flyers have a relatively shorter lifespan.  They are used to run marketing campaigns, informing customers about new product releases and sales, and sharing updated information with customers.  Flyers are also sometimes referred to as leaflets, inserts, handbills or circulars.  They are economical to print.  To know about the cost of flyer printing in London, get quotes from flyer printing companies.


Brochures are the most professional print marketing material out there.  What makes a brochure special is the value it offers.  A company brochure contains all the important information that a customer needs.  Brochures are usually multiple pages of information.

The purpose of brochures is completely different from business cards and flyers.  A brochure provides in-depth information about a product, project or company.  Companies pay a lot of attention to the design, creation and printing of brochures.  Choose a reputable printing company for brochure printing in London to create exceptional brochures.


The most common print marketing material is printed banners.  Banners are the heart of traditional marketing.  They can do wonders or can drain your budget if you do not follow your marketing strategy right.  Creating an exceptional banner design is not an easy task.  Some designs look good on a computer screen but not when printed.  Therefore, it is necessary when designing banners that businesses should work with expert graphic designers and reliable printing companies in London.


Well, if you want to increase sales conversions, the catalogue is the best print marketing material you have.  Businesses use catalogues as a sales technique to enhance sales.  It involves grouping many items together in a printed book in order to showcase products to sell them to the prospect.  The purpose of the catalogue is to inform your customers about the products you have and encouraging customers to make a purchase.  Companies distribute catalogues at trade fairs, shows or to targeted customers through mailers.

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