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How to Save on Your Brochure Printing in London – Our Guide

Brochure printing can be an expensive business, especially when you incorporate high-quality designs that help make your prints stand out from the market. It’s essential marketing collateral that allows your brand to educate your prospects and target audience about your business, products, and services.

For that reason, it’s crucial to never skimp out on the effectiveness and impact of your brochure’s design for the sake of saving a few bucks in your budget. Fortunately, you can print low-cost brochures without compromising its design or print quality. With that in mind, here are different ways you can save on money for your next brochure order.


Tip #1: Consider the Size and Page Count

Many companies like to play around with different brochure sizes as a way to draw attention; however, the content and design of your brochure are factors that will determine your brochure’s uniqueness. With that in mind, you don’t need to invest in larger sizes as standard ones such as an 8.5 x 11 or 5.5 x 8.5 are more than enough to make a positive impact on your target market when done right. 

Additionally, oddball sizes tend to cause inefficiencies during the printing process that can lead to increased costs. On the other hand, some like larger-sized brochures so they can have more space to fit as much content and graphics as possible onto fewer pages. This can easily disrupt the quality of your design and result in a cluttered look, which can lower your brand’s credibility. Investing in the right designer and concise copywriting is key to ensuring you can deliver your message in a succinct and visually impressive manner. 


Tip #2: Choose the Paper Stock Wisely

The choice of paper stock largely depends on your goals for your brochure and the audience you are targeting. For high-end corporate conferences that involve marketing your brand to other well-established businesses, going for the prestigious quality and thick paper stock may be the best choice to make a positive impression.

If you’re planning to produce brochures for a massive scale and share it with your customers – be it through your office, store, corporate launch, or other establishments within your local community, a thinner stock will suffice. Considering the project and matching it with the quality of the stock will prevent you from blowing your budget on unnecessary premium paper stocks, allowing you to cut back costs when the situation allows it. 


Tip #3: Consider the Folding Techniques

If your content is not heavy and does not require too many pages, you may find experimenting with various folding techniques in the brochure a fun way to spruce up its design. However, the more complex the fold, the higher the price as folding machines are configured to cater to standard folds such as z-fold, letter fold, and bifold. These three are the highest in demand in the market and for a good reason – they are simple, cost-effective, and powerful enough to highlight your brand given that it has top-notch copywriting and quality images to support it.


Tip #4: Choose Inks, Colours, and Typescripts Wisely

It’s not recommended to drop your chosen colour palette for your brand just to save on your budget, but you can cut back on costs by making smart decisions regarding your brochure’s inks, choice of colouring, and typescripts. 

For instance, opting for bi-colour designs can still make for a strong visual impact without compromising on your brand’s primary colour. Spot colours and metallic inks tend to be a pricier addition, but it can add a pop of excitement in your brochure if you’re choosing to save by going for a monochromatic design. 

Additionally, the choice of typescript also makes a difference in the amount of ink used in a project. The font Arial tends to use more ink than its counterparts, Century Gothic and Times New Roman. This is a crucial detail you need to consider if your brochure will be text-heavy, so be sure to invest in areas that would enhance your advertisement without hurting your wallet.

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