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How to Choose the Right Location for Your Banner Setup – Our Guide

Any business can always benefit from the use of a banner and banner stand to convey a specific message to anyone that passes by your store or booth. They can be used as quick promotion material for your latest product or service or an informative display of what’s the latest update about your brand.

Banners and banner stands are perfect for catching people’s attention. Getting the attention of your customers, however, goes far beyond having a set of creative designs, big offers, and colourful graphics. Where you put your banners and banner stands also matters. 

Why is it so important to consider the location of your banners and banner stands?

Choosing where you could possibly put your banners and banner stands can be quite complicated. For example, if you are at a trade show, you might struggle with deciding whether to put the banner and banner stand by the entrance or right in front of your booth. 

On the other hand, if you’re placing a banner at your store, you can put it inside with your products. You can also set it up outside by the storefront to attract more potential customers who would otherwise just pass by.

The placement of your banner and banner stand is just as important as the design and message that you put in it. Not getting the placement of your banner right can yield the same effect as not having one at all. That said, choosing the right placement for your banner entails careful planning and consideration. 

What should be the main consideration in choosing your banner setup’s placement?

Regardless of how attractive it may be, your banner setup needs to have the right placement so that it can be maximized. Getting the proper placement for your banner setup, in particular, relies on the concept of “maximum visibility,” which can be broken down into two main factors, namely:

  • The ability of your audience to physically see the banner
  • How easy it will be to understand what is being said in your banner 

Choosing a location according to maximum visibility

The ability of your audience to physically see the banner itself generally depends on the type of environment where you can place the banner. For instance, if you are placing a banner in a packed trade show, then you might have to account for all the other banners that are going to fight for the same attention that you’re trying to gain. 

To maximize the visibility of your banner stands, it will be helpful to consider the perspective of your target audience. Will they be able to spot your banner easily the moment they entered the venue? Will there be any obstruction of view to your banner? Place your banner strategically so that you can tackle the challenge of standing out much better. 

Choosing the right placement for your banner is essential to ensure that your material serves its purpose. Your target audience should be able to see your banner immediately, so you have to ensure that there are no barriers to where you are displaying the setup.

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