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How Stickers Can Be Used to Attract Customers What to Know

How Stickers Can Be Used To Attract Customers – What to Know

Customer acquisition is important to every business, no matter how big or small your company is or how loyal your current consumer base is. But getting people’s attention is harder than ever, what with the proliferation of digital and physical ads. Every day, we’re exposed to all kinds of promotional content the second we open our smartphones or the moment we walk outside. If you’re a business, you have to come up with creative and innovative ways to get the attention of customers if you have any hopes of generating more revenue.

You might be racking your brains and thinking of doing something outrageous online, but you don’t even have to go there. The answer is right under your nose — custom stickers.

Despite their ubiquity, stickers are an underrated form of advertising tool. Consumers are smarter these days, and they know better than to fall for ads that are obviously peddling products and services. Stickers, on the other hand, don’t generate a feeling of scepticism. They’re subtle yet effective in raising brand awareness, making them the perfect vessels for marketing. 

If you want a foolproof way to attract customers, distributing stickers is the way to go. Want to get started? Below are some ways you can use custom stickers to grow your consumer base.

Make stickers your brand ambassadors

Notice how you see stickers of partly-bitten apples everywhere? It’s because Apple has effectively used adhesives to generate brand awareness. You, too, can design custom stickers and turn them into brand ambassadors to spread the word about your business. You can slip them into all orders to your customers, place them by the cashier so buyers can get as many as they want, or distribute them around your store as sort of a giveaway. If people love your design, they’ll undoubtedly stick them on their personal items like water bottles, journals, and laptops. Voila, you have instant brand ambassadors without shelling out a ton of money on influencers.

Fun business cards

Networking events are full of people handing out stacks of calling cards to promote their business. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with following that trend, you might be better off giving away stickers to stand out. If potential clients notice that yours is the only sticker from the bunch of business cards they’ve collected from their event, the more they’ll be inclined to engage with you. 

Shipping or product labels

Whatever product you have, you can use custom stickers to label your items or packaging. You can also opt for branded shipping labels where you can write your customer’s details and stick them on the box or parcel, boosting brand exposure. 

Promotional giveaway

If you’re at an event or have a brand new campaign to launch, you can also use stickers as part of your swag giveaways. Pop them on notebooks, portable batteries, candies, or whatever you’re giving away, and you have instant promotional products. 

In conclusion

Leverage the subtle power of custom stickers to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. If you’re looking for London-based print experts to produce high-quality stickers for your business, get in touch.

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