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Great Locations to Distribute Promotional Stickers – Our Guide

Stickers as promotional material for a business is a tried and tested marketing strategy, but it is by no means outdated even when online advertising dominates the industry. It’s a versatile tool that can open up new possibilities for businesses as it targets guerilla marketing tactics, outdoor campaigns, and giveaways. What makes such a strategy effective, however, is that it directly markets to a specific demographic that is likely to engage with your business. 

There are many factors that contribute to the success of your sticker marketing, one of the most critical being the placement of the sticker itself. The place is one of the pillars that determine the reach of your campaign as it determines whether or not it will attract the ideal customer. With the placement being such a crucial aspect in your sticker marketing tactics, we’re here to give you a rundown on the best places for the most effective sticker promotions. 



What better way to promote your sticker campaigns than to already existing customers? This can help build brand recognition and establish loyalty within your market as you make an effort to remain relevant in ways beyond your products or services. You can easily do this by including the stickers in the bag in every purchase or have it displayed somewhere for customers to grab and take home freely. Another option is to hand out stickers to customers who are on their way out of the store. Either way, marketing your stickers in-store can directly reach an established market for your business. 


In Packages

If you’re operating an e-commerce establishment and have no brick-and-mortar stores, you can still include promotional stickers in your packages as you ship them out to customers. The packaging itself can be decorated with your stickers as a way to enhance the existing design. Either way, placing the stickers with the package is an excellent way to increase visibility as the package travels its way from your facility to other target areas. 


At Trade Shows and Company Events

Tradeshows and company events are the ideal setting for giving away freebies that include your stickers. It encourages a sense of care and belongingness within the community and is useful in establishing loyalty. Not to mention, these places are filled to the brim with the target market, making it the prime destination for promoting your materials. 


Within Your Community

The best thing about stickers is that it can be handed out within a community without the need for substantial manpower. It can be placed in poles, signs, and bench armrests, all of which are enough to build brand awareness, spark curiosity from interested viewers. And ultimately redirect their attention to your sales and promotions. 

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