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Going Traditional 3 Ways to Use Stickers for Advertising

Going Traditional: 3 Ways to Use Stickers for Advertising

With the growing attention to digital media, traditional advertising has seen a slump in popularity. This is because hosting online ads is seen as cheaper and easier to maintain than billboards, bulletin boards, and other forms of outdoor advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that running traditional ads is an ineffective promotion strategy.

Using Stickers for Your Traditional Advertising Strategy

Stickers can seem like a simple accent to your gadgets or for display in your cubicles. However, stickers are actually more than just an accessory. They can be effective marketing tools if you can feature your brand with these small yet easily shareable products.

Like word-of-mouth marketing, stickers have the powerful effect of sparking a conversation with ease. Additionally, you can reinforce your customer relationships by reinforcing brand loyalty. While stickers may appear small and disposable, they’re also subtle and potent tools for your advertising strategy.

In this article, we’ll share three ways to use stickers for your advertising strategy.

1. Get Creative with Your Sticker Designs

Stickers designs can go beyond the standard company logo and tagline. In fact, you can get fun, quirky, or inspirational with what you want to print. For this reason, you should get creative with your sticker’s designs.

Like any marketing medium, remember that your goal is to get as many eyes as possible while contributing to a positive connection to your brand. You can do this by including witty messages or integrating your stickers with your company’s products and services. Doing research on your target demographic will help you conceptualise the proper design choices you should print.

2. Include Stickers In Your Products

When sending orders to your clients, you’re making a transaction that should have a lasting impression. This is why many establishments include various goodies along inside their products’ packaging. These containers usually have enough space to include fliers, brochures, and even stickers.

Adding these traditional marketing materials is an excellent way to maintain your customer engagement, even after completing a purchase. Your fliers can include promotions for future products or upcoming events. Besides these informative media, your buyers will see stickers as additional freebies together with their product. It has the same effect as a complimentary dessert at a restaurant after ordering a full meal.

3. Hand Stickers Out During Events

Besides shipping your stickers inside your product packaging, you can also give them away during live events. Doing so will have a significant impact on how your customers view you and your service. The idea of keeping your brand on their personal belongings in the form of a sticker is a great way to maintain memory recall.

Since they’ll see your stickers every time they use their personal items and devices, they’ll be reminded of your brand more frequently. It’s a personal level of advertising that’s incomparable in effect, even to digital advertising strategies. For this reason, the simple act of printing stickers will already have a high Return on Investment (ROI). This improves your sales figures in the long term.


The power of traditional marketing is far from dead, especially if you know how to use the right strategies with your promotional material. Additionally, it’s also much easier to produce quality products for your advertising needs. If you partner with the right suppliers, you can launch an effective advertising campaign with all sorts of traditional media, through brochures, stickers, and more!

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