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Gloss vs Matte Finish Which One Is a Fit for My Poster

Gloss vs Matte Finish: Which One Is a Fit for My Poster?

Design and quality–these are two factors that should be primarily considered when choosing a poster. Your products and services can be promoted effectively by using a well-placed printed poster. It can also transform a corner into a powerful advertising space. Aside from that, posters can also be used to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. However, some people fail to realise that it is crucial to consider which one should be best for their poster: a gloss or a matte finish?

Indeed, you’ll agree that when ordering a custom poster printing, the kind of finish significantly matters. This is why it is important to get familiar with what “matte” and “gloss” finish. That way, you can decide which one can make a significant impact when the poster is already displayed. 

Understanding “Gloss” and “Matte” Finish

A “gloss” finish refers to the shiny and light-reflecting effect primarily designed to highlight colour contrast and entice the eyes.

On the other hand, the “matte” finish is a shine-free and flat finish mainly designed to showcase design details without the need to create a glare.

Why Choose a Glossy Poster?

Some experts recommend that when you’re in doubt in choosing between a matte and glossy poster, you should pick the latter. Glossy posters are shiny, versatile, and promote a reflective effect that gives them fantastic design elements.

Where Should You Put Glossy Posters?

Glossy posters are perfectly fit to be used in workout rooms, kid’s rooms and in your favourite spaces. This will help highlight your personality with your desired colours and light. Their reflective coating makes the glossy posters to be more attractive on walls that evoke consistency and lighting.

In What Types of Posters a Glossy Finish Looks Great?

If the design of your poster should be filled with elements like colours and movements, a glossy finish will work best for them. A glossy finish will make the colours appear more vibrant. Flat images have been more visible as the glossy effect creates an illusion of depth. Posters for sports and cartoons are the ones that commonly appear incredible in gloss.

When to Choose a Matte Poster

When you want to give emphasis on details over colours in your poster, you should consider a matte finish. This is also a better choice when you need to lower the glare on the poster. When you’re decorating a space with a high level of light, matte finish lowers the amount of distracting light for a better viewing experience. This is also applicable if you’re planning to display a poster that is too dark.

Where Should You Put Matte Posters?

An area where there is an abundant flow of natural light can be an ideal space for matte posters. The light may cast distracting reflections on the poster. It’s an excellent idea, especially if you have to frame your poster under the glass. That glass amazingly creates another reflective surface to make the poster more durable and free of damage due to several conditions. It is also an ideal choice for bigger and longer posters. Make sure to choose a matte finish if you opt to frame a full-sized poster.

In What Types of Posters a Matte Finish Looks Best?

An image with a more sophisticated depth or perspective can give a poster with a more stunning effect. This is where the matte finish looks great. Photographers and archivists believe that photos in black and white could be more appreciated in a matte finish. The reduced reflection causes the poster’s details to become even sharper.


Posters can be helpful to you in many ways. With the help of a great-looking poster, you can have a creative and efficient way to transform a space into a relaxing area. Now that you’re already familiar with the difference between matte and glossy finish, you can probably make a good decision in choosing which one will work best for your poster. Make sure that you find a reliable company that provides quality printing services, too! 

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