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Get Noticed! Valuable Tips for Designing Roller Banners

Many savvy businesses have found that roller banners are the ideal marketing tool to help them stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors during an event. In addition to being big and noticeable, they are also lightweight, convenient for travel, and space-efficient.

However, the most important aspect of a successful roll-up banner is an eye-catching design that draws in clients. Here are some design considerations for your new roller banners that can help you attract more customers and close more deals.

1. Consider How They Will Be Read

Reading from left to right and top to bottom is the most efficient way for the human brain to process and retain new information. That being said, there’s no need to go overboard with the design of your new roller banner. Keep your logo in the upper left corner and your brand name in the right or left corner. Then, have all relevant data consistently flowing downhill from that point.

2. Take Advantage of Text and White Space

The term “typography” refers to the art of arranging text in a way that is both legible and aesthetically pleasing. You should think about the fonts you’ve used before, notably in your logo, and how they might work with the fonts you want to use on your banner. One of the most crucial aspects of visual and graphic design is the way in which you design and utilise the many typefaces at your disposal. An inexperienced designer’s typographical mistakes can have a devastating effect on an otherwise well-executed product.

3. Ensure That the Roller Banner Design Fits with Your Overall Brand

You should utilise bold and eye-catching hues if you want your roller banner to get noticed. Not that you should go overboard with clashing primary colours or anything. Instead, you should employ the same colour palette that already represents your company, only larger. The banner will look great next to your current logo while still capturing people’s attention.

4. Give Serious Consideration to the Print Quality of Your Images

Although roller banners are enormous in size, that doesn’t mean you should cram too many pictures. Your banner’s job is to catch people’s attention so you can convince them to stop and learn about the benefits of whatever it is you’re selling or advertising. If you want to include photos, go ahead and do so, but don’t overload the banner with them. Just one or two images should do the trick. Make sure they are of the finest quality possible so that they don’t come out looking stretched or blurry when you print your banner.

5. Commit to a Specific Design

The field of research known as aesthetics investigates how our minds determine whether something is lovely or repulsive in appearance. You need to have a design aesthetic if you want your customers to recognise your items and identify with your brand at the same time.


Creating the perfect artwork for your roller banner is not a simple task and requires your undivided attention. You should also hire a professional banner printing service that can provide you with the best quality finished product.

Take note of our pointers above, and you will never have to worry about an unsightly roller banner in your future events and exhibits.

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