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Creative Ideas and Guidance to Get Quality Exhibition Stands

Creative Ideas and Guidance to Get Quality Exhibition Stands

Have you ever wondered what you want to achieve by attending an exhibition show? Before planning your exhibition stand, outline your goals clearly by connecting them with your overall marketing plan. The top printers in North London have a wealth of modular exhibition systems, extensive experience, and skills to create high-end exhibition stands.

Strategies for a Successful Exhibition/Trade Show

Set a Clear Objective: 

Establish a clear objective to ensure your participation in the trade show is effective. For instance, what is your main aim, and what returns do you expect on your investment.

Consider your main aim:-

  • Launch a new product or service?
  • Boost brand awareness?
  • Get new prospects and contacts?
  • Concentrate on a specific product strategy?
  • Set your expected returns (for example):-
    Secure 40 advance orders.
  • Expand your networks by 20%.
  • Get 60 people to subscribe to emails.

Make a Smart Budget: 

Ensure you are covering all the essential things, such as:-

  • Stand display material, including item hire and any refreshment you might give away.
  • Travel and accommodation for your team.
  • Marketing collateral such as printed materials and promotional products.
  • Advertising budget for promotion.

Choose the Show, Book Your Stand: 

Consider the exhibition show is relevant to your objective and audience, within your budget, and in a suitable location. Moreover, when selecting and designing your stand, identify the key locations and position your entrance and message to be seen from areas where people congregate.

Promote Your Presence: 

You can promote your presence ahead of the event in various ways. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Use appointment carts
  • Send out a “save the date” invitation.
  • Add banner to your website.
  • Use marketing email.
  • Email signature with your stand location.
  • Create social media posts.

Five Creative Exhibitions Stand Ideas

Key Message: create a key message document to explain the core benefits of your products and services. However, you need to keep it short and concise. It will help your customers remember them and rely on them without getting bored.

FAQ:a frequently asked questions document is a perfect tool for hosts, particularly if you have little experience with your company or the products and services. Make a list of all the essential questions you have ever been asked and clearly answered them.

Use Built Elements: the fixtures, furniture, and fittings of your stand not only need to fulfil their function, but they should also work hard to attract attendees. Use elements such as seating, a counter to serve refreshments, writing surfaces, or somewhere to put a laptop or tablet.

Lighting: lighting can make or break your exhibition stall design. Therefore, choosing good lighting will help you amplify your plan, while a bad one can make your stall too dark or too bright. The different types of lighting options include rope lighting, LED, up-lights, electrics and current draw.

Take Advantage of Technology: use technology that can be readily displayed to make your exhibition stands best. You can also add graphics and to make an effective platform to communicate your complex message or idea instead of reams of text.

Create an Atmosphere: build a complete atmosphere within your exhibition stand. You can use a combination of lights, colours, textures, layout, and even scent. Moreover, you also need to identify your target audience and keep them in your mind during the design process.

The Bottom Line 

Without a direct goal in your mind, it’s hard to focus on exhibition stands. However, establishing a clear objective ensures your participation in trade shows or exhibitions is effective. Choosing suitable printers in North London allow companies to unlock a huge range of possibilities at exhibitions. In addition, the top printing experts help you build a strong first impression and attract potential customers.