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Creative Adhesives The Basics about Decals Stickers and Labels

Creative Adhesives: The Basics about Decals, Stickers, and Labels

One thing that catches a person’s attention is the colourful adhesives that often stick out from what would otherwise be an unnoticeable object. While many people often overuse or misrepresent them in many places, the fact is that adhesives are some of the efficient ways to convey a message—may it be important or simply an artistic expression.

Three types of adhesives exhibit this certain functionality, which may be very familiar to you. You have the decals, the stickers, and the labels you may find in many objects we use every day. You may not even realise it, but the item you are holding right now while reading this article may have one of the three.

You might be curious about the differences between the three and their main functionalities. Fortunately, you do not need to look any further than indulge in the exciting tidbits written below. If you would like to avail or invest in any of them, feel free to do so. They are all efficient in their own right, and they are very much customisable to meet your needs.

The Differences between the Three Adhesives

They may look similar at first glance until you realise that they all have their unique features. Decals are a lot bigger in size, and they are usually permanent. Meanwhile, stickers are smaller and are typically non-toxic.

The general market for stickers are kids, so you can often find them with paper or plastic backing up the adhesive to avoid getting torn easily. Lastly, you can identify a label by its text, usually overlooking any graphic that may distract anyone from seeing the written notices.

The Functionalities of Each Adhesive

Each adhesive has its functionalities. Decals are often used for signs. It is why they are huge in proportion, as they convey the letterings of an establishment. You may have seen a few of them on the streets, giving you a general idea of a business. Some are used for restaurants, while others are used for safety signages.

Stickers are smaller and used for decoration. If kids don’t collect them for their sticker books, car owners and bikers benefit from them by styling and utilising them for their own purposes.

People place them on side windows or at the fenders, expressing their love and support for a brand or an organisation.

Finally, you have labels. You can use them to distinguish certain products so that consumers will not mistake one item for the other. They may also contain more text than graphics as they aim to be helpful in principle rather than for decorative purposes.

The Affordability of Each Adhesive

Here is one common thing about the three: they are all very affordable. You can find a trustworthy printing company to manufacture them according to your liking, and you will never run out of cash, and neither will you be disappointed by their quality as well. 

Whether you are looking for decals for your business sign, stickers for your car, or labels for your products, you may have them all printed at a very affordable service fee.


These creative adhesives are just some of the most common amenities and identifiers you may find everywhere, even if you aren’t going to exert much effort in looking for them. If it isn’t decals you’re after, you may indulge in stickers and labels instead, whatever you need for your business or personal use. Find a trusted printing company, and you can even save a lot in the long run.

If you are looking for a label printing company that will provide all the details for your products, look no further than our expertise here at PrintPal London. We specialise in invitations, stickers, decals, amongst other things. Contact us today and let us work on your custom designs.