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Communication with Printing Solutions: Your Next Secret Weapon for Success

Among all the radical changes in communication mediums, 2021 is redefining how to approach customers today.  With employees spending most of their time in work-from-home environments, they have ample time to catch up with friends and go shopping.  Target markets are currently going through the ‘digital fatigue’ stage, which involves the rapid hiring of large format printing companies.  This communication alternative is the perfect medium to capture and engage leads.  Large format prints are the new normal today!

How to Use this Ultimate Weapon for Success?

Amidst the media mistrust and digital fatigue, recent research has reported that 90% of buyers have moved to digital realms to buy products and services.  Print media helps to bring them out of this digital world.  It’s now more difficult to market your product on digital media channels effectively.  The main reason turns out to be trust and credibility.

Social media and website advertising are the least-trusted platforms today for marketers.  This is where large format printing companies are earning the most-trusted collateral.

Better Engagement with Large Format Printing Solutions

Printing solutions, such as banners, business cards and fabrics, have been among the most-trusted ways to connect with a customer base.  The effectiveness continues to be sustained in 2021 where getting attention is quite a challenge.  70% of product buyers still rely on printed collateral before making their final decision.  That’s a huge proportion and is hard to ignore for companies.  Thus, large format printing companies help their clients make the best ROI from investment in printed communications.

Quality Matters When it Comes to Large Format Prints

One aspect that remains unbeatable in the marketing realm is quality matters the most, especially when it comes to print deliverables.  A recent study, conducted when a printing company upgraded to using paper 6, showed enhanced brand preference and increased positive feelings among the product buyers.  This signified that a higher quality brand could affect the perception of a brand.

Personalised Print Quality to Deliver Added Value

When you keep communication engaging and relevant through printed deliverables, there’s nothing to stop your brand from achieving its success rates.  Getting outsource print management services to handle ad campaigns give complete control over the personalization.  Print professionals use digital printers and software to produce short runs of targeted print campaigns.  The print deliverables, such as catalogues, business cards, invitations and other marketing collateral, can target a specific group of customers including millennial, office professionals, gender-specific people, parents of new-borns and more.

The Versatility of Next-Generation Printing Solutions at Printpal London

Printpal London designs their final print deliverables while keeping quality delivery in mind.  With the capacity to handle a huge range of paper sizes, our high quality printing machines are perfect for managing modern advertising needs.  Whether you require large-sized posters or large format banners, we assure a fast, high quality print delivery with many automated functions.

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