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What to Know When Choosing Between Roll or Sheet Labels 1

What to Know When Choosing Between Roll or Sheet Labels

Labels are something that gets taken into consideration quite early into any business. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ingredient labels
  • Product labels
  • Stickers
  • Warning labels

These are typically made with label sheets that are either blank or custom printed already. It’s ideal for businesses that put out small quantities at a time, such as homemade candles, home-baked goodies, start-up crafts, and more. 

However, the approach becomes all but impractical when a business is really starting to take off, and orders are pouring in. Labelling products by hand will no longer be an option because it will take too much time that could be focused on other things, and it would be at a rather large volume. Moreover, when a business progresses chances are a more premium look is in order; roll labels would help there.

Roll Labels

In this case, a continuous strip of labels is attached to a liner. That entire thing will then get wound around a core. Basically, it’s much like a roll of packing tape. Roll labels have no backing material over the edge, which allows for immediate use as soon as it’s peeled off of itself. They’re made of the same stuff sheet labels have, down to the adhesives. It’s just wound around a core instead of laid out on a sheet that’s flat.

These are great for bulk labelling needs; businesses that have longer runs tend to prefer this. It’s also what goes into labelling machines, though some people just pick out dispensers. It can even help with product labels being applied by hand, since not everyone utilises a labelling machine. The best way to go about things in that case is by finding a place for the roll labels, such as a towel rack or rod, to streamline unwinding and peeling. 

Sheet Labels

As the name suggests, these are labels that come on a sheet. This is something that can be done wherever you have access to a standard printer (inkjet or laser). A lot of companies have printable blank sheets available on the market precisely because it’s a huge draw for small businesses and even people that do a lot of DIY during the holidays.

Printable blank sheet labels allow for labels to be made as needed, right away. They’re great for a small business that’s just getting things going, or for seasonal products. Sometimes, ingredients and/or regulations shift quite a lot on an item such as cannabis; sheet labels are key for those as well. 

It’s also a great option for a trial run for a new product design or logo. Experimentation with various fonts, shapes, colours and even materials can happen at that point.


Labels matter no matter what size a business is, and what the products in question are. The two key types are roll and sheet, both of which have key advantages. Roll advantages are much like packing tape: peel and stick. They’re best for bigger businesses or large-volume product lines. One advantage is that they can be made as needed, on-demand, for a smaller and more controlled batch. It’s best for small businesses or seasonal labels.

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