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6 Colours and the Emotions They Evoke from Your Posters

Colour psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the effect of colour on human behaviour. And, unsurprisingly enough, one of the most important applications of colour psychology is in marketing and advertising. Colour can be used to influence consumers' emotions and perceptions of a product, and this can impact their purchasing decisions. For example, red is often used to stimulate appetite, so it is often used in food advertising. Blue is often used to promote calm and relaxation, so it...Continue Reading →

Matte or Glossy: The Best Paper Finish For Movie Posters

One of the best promotional materials for movies is posters. Aside from trailers, they are the first thing moviegoers see before entering a movie theatre to watch the film itself.  But more than the beauty and design, there is another element affecting the presentation of the posters—the paper finish. But between matte and the traditional glossy finish, which paper should movie posters get printed on? What Makes the Best Film Poster? 1. Printability The first factor of consideration when p...Continue Reading →

Poster Dimensions: A Guide to Choosing the Best Poster Size

Posters can be found almost everywhere. Every move you make in any town or city will reveal a colourful poster display. Marketers place a high value on their clout. Here are a few of the more compelling reasons: Cost-Effective. To recoup the cost of printing, an event poster does not need to sell many tickets. Printing them is inexpensive, and most businesses will see a considerable return on their investment. Part of a Multiplatform Effort. According to studies, seeing adverts in vario...Continue Reading →

5 Factors to Consider in Designing an Effective Poster

Designing a poster takes more than just creativity. It is a skill following standards, basics, and even predetermined styles from past generations. Therefore, it isn’t about putting all the elements together to create a beautiful picture. However, it’s more of a strategic way to bring various things to make sense in one photo. But what factors should designers consider when designing an effective poster? 1. Concise Messages When creating a poster, sending a concise message is the first thi...Continue Reading →

How to Have an Effective Poster Design for Your Business

A poster is a reliable and cost-effective marketing tool that can make customers remember your business. It can also serve as a reminder about the service or product you offer. However, not all business owners are successful in creating an effective poster.  For it to serve its purpose, you need to have an excellent design to incorporate in your poster. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that your poster must be viewable from a distance to draw people to it.  In this article, we...Continue Reading →

3 Key Benefits of Poster-Based Marketing for Businesses

Poster-based marketing has been around for a long time, especially when talking about advertising for businesses of different backgrounds. For a while, it even started as half-truths for promotional purposes, such as the case of the Fiji Mermaid in 1842 promoted by businessman and con-artist Phineas Taylor Barnum. The poster featured a mermaid attraction, which later turned out to be a monkey attached to a fish. Nowadays, advertising trickery won’t stand a chance, but posters still continue to...Continue Reading →

Gloss vs Matte Finish: Which One Is a Fit for My Poster?

Design and quality–these are two factors that should be primarily considered when choosing a poster. Your products and services can be promoted effectively by using a well-placed printed poster. It can also transform a corner into a powerful advertising space. Aside from that, posters can also be used to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. However, some people fail to realise that it is crucial to consider which one should be best for their poster: a gloss or a matte finish? Indeed, you...Continue Reading →