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3 Practical Tips for Hanging Posters without Wall Damage – Our Guide

Hanging posters on any wall can be quite tricky. As much as you want to hang your poster safely, chances are that you may damage your wall, or worse, the poster itself. Whether you intend to nail, staple, tack, wheat-paste, or duct tape your poster to a wall, these common methods will leave marks on your mounting surface and ruin your poster.  If you want to stay away from such instances, we have a few practical tips on how to hang your poster without damaging your wall and poster. Here are ...Continue Reading →

London Poster Printing – Entice Christmas Shoppers With In-Store Discounts

As Christmas edges ever closer, there are thousands of people across London that are preparing to do their last minute Christmas shopping. It is surprising how many people leave buying presents until the last hour. However, for retail businesses, this presents a great opportunity for you with regards to London poster printing. What do we mean by this? Well, everyone knows that Christmas is an expensive time of the year. People want to find good gifts, but they want to find them at good pr...Continue Reading →

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