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3 Paper Selection Tips to Get the Best Printing Results – What to Know

Whether you’re designing for a wedding invitation or a company brochure, choosing the right paper is critical in getting the best printing results. To guide you with what technique is most suitable for your needs, we made a list of tips to narrow down your options. 1. Engraving If you’re planning to achieve an engraving effect, the best paper option for you is a thick paper, such as cotton paper. You can also choose any other thick paper that is sturdy enough not to break apart in the ...Continue Reading →

Great Locations to Distribute Promotional Stickers – Our Guide

Stickers as promotional material for a business is a tried and tested marketing strategy, but it is by no means outdated even when online advertising dominates the industry. It’s a versatile tool that can open up new possibilities for businesses as it targets guerilla marketing tactics, outdoor campaigns, and giveaways. What makes such a strategy effective, however, is that it directly markets to a specific demographic that is likely to engage with your business.  There are many factors th...Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Advertising With Leaflets – How to Generate a Great ROI

Advertising has evolved exponentially in this digital age, and while there are plenty of marketing trends that take full advantage of this new platform, print advertising like leaflets works just as effectively - and sometimes even better for small, local businesses.  Print material such as leaflets provides a point of reference for consumers to go back to when searching for your products and services. While all the necessary information about your company can also be easily checked online, ...Continue Reading →

From Idea To Printing – Organising The Creation Of Your Booklet

There is no end to the reasons why people and organisations might require cheap printing London wide services. However, one of the most common is to bring an idea for a booklet to fruition. However, when this is the case, printing is just one of the stages that you need to go through to make the perfect booklet. First, you need to start with the idea. If you want to create a booklet to showcase information, provide guidance, or to tell a story, the first thing you need to decide is whethe...Continue Reading →

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