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Business Card Printing Mistakes to Avoid for Effective Branding in 2021

Business Card Printing Mistakes to Avoid for Effective Branding in 2021

Business cards are the digital identity that represents you and your brand. Though they are often overlooked, business cards extend your brand and help people remember you, giving them a way to contact you in the future. Some applications allow your customers to scan your card and transfer your contact information on their phone. Having a well-printed business card validates your reputation with your customers, reach a wider audience and enhance branding. Yet, too often, businesses make mistakes regarding business cards that prevent it from making a great impression. There’s a good chance your business card may be thrown into the bin if it’s unprofessional and poorly presented. For an impressive business card, call professional business card printing in London and avoid the following mistakes.

Adding too Much Information

Business cards are a point of entry to your business, not the place to start selling. The idea of printing and distributing business cards is to tell customers where they can find more information. Don’t make the mistake of adding unnecessary information and utilise that finite space to produce an outstanding outcome.

Settling for Low Quality Paper Stock

You may be planning to use a lower quality stock option for printing business cards to reduce costs but, generally, they won’t look as good. It is much better to use a high quality, thicker paper stock for printing business cards.

Not Including Social Media Details

Most businesses forget to include social media details on their business cards. Social media allows people to connect easily and quickly. If you are not adding social media handles to business cards, you could be missing out on new customer opportunities.

Using too Many Colours

Don’t make the mistake of using too many colours on a business card. The idea behind using colours is to attract people to your brand, not drive them away. Instead, choose fewer colours and consult a professional print shop in London for high quality printing and colour contrasts.

Creating a Mysterious Business Card

If customers are confused about your business after looking at your business card, they are more likely to go to your competitor who has a simpler branding. Don’t forget to include your brand logo to help customers identify your company – think about the big brands, like Nike and Coco-Cola, who are recognisable just by their logo. It is better to ensure your logo has a connection with what are you selling or what your business does.

Missing a Unique Selling Point

Don’t miss opportunities to use your business card to its full marketing potential. If you’ve got space and it doesn’t crowd your business card, include one powerful reason or a unique selling point of your business – you could use the reverse side of the business card for this.

Award-Winning Business Card Printing Services in London 

Business cards serve a dual purpose: they act as a tool to remind people about your business and they give new and existing customers your contact details. However, no matter how much you spend on printing business cards, they won’t be as effective as they should be if they are not designed and printed well. Our highly experienced, professional print shop in London provides top quality business card printing services. We help all businesses, large and small, with exclusive business card printing in London and providing many other printing solutions for branding and advertising.

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