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Best Tips When You’re Designing a Label for a Product

One of the best ways for a product to catch the eye of a possible customer is through a well-designed label. Most notably, when you have a label for your product that’s created strategically, it can also establish a strong brand statement. This plays a key role in the company or organisation’s efforts to establish a trustworthy brand identity.

What makes the product label so important?

No matter how useful your product is, that quality alone will not lead to customer sales, especially with how the market is becoming more and more competitive. That is where marketing comes in since it’s necessary to have an extra boost to get customers’ attention. 

There is no doubt that you should be focused on having an effective marketing strategy. In the case of products, it’s important to prioritise your product label and finding a professional graphic designer who will create it for you.

There are several factors that contribute to the importance of a product label. Primarily, it’s a great way for your products to stand out from the noise amidst the competition. Having your product and company differentiated from the rest is key to making your brand identity unmistakable.

Here are some of the best tips when you’re designing a label for a product:

1. Make sure to emphasise readability

There are several key points of information on a product label. Aside from the product’s name, it should have a brand logo if it’s part of a company or organisation’s line, among others. Every so often, there should also be a tagline or short description. More information like ingredients and any instructions will then be found on the flip side.

It’s important that the text on a label is readable. As much as possible, the label must be read clearly from a good distance, which means particular attention should be paid to the font size.

2. Make use of typographic pairing

The space on a product label is limited, so any content and images barely have any space. In order to create a visual juxtaposition, a lot of designers utilise typographic pairing. This contrast is able to help viewers distinguish multiple pieces of information. When continuity between information is needed, a good rule of thumb is to share the same font. The ideal font or fonts will reflect the product’s nature.

Typographic pairing aims to share the relationship between the various type choices and information. Chocolate ice cream, for example, needs a font that reflects fun and sweetness. A typeface that’s bold and playful will do the job, though you should be cautious that the readability isn’t sacrificed.


A well-designed product label can make all the difference between a potential customer choosing what you have to offer compared to that of your competition. Make sure that readability and typographic pairing are evident. Your product label needs to be created by professionals you can work with to bring your vision to life.

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