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8 Common Myths Debunked about Leaflet Printing in London

Prints are everywhere, be it in bars, homes or clubs, at events, on walls or shops.  The London printing industry has been around for centuries.  Despite digital marketing affecting this traditional channel’s popularity, prints are still evolving and resulting in a huge ROI in advertising markets.

Some say that print is dead today.  This is another myth and there are plenty more.  We have separated the fact from the fiction about leaflet printing and debunked a few of those myths.

  • Myth: You Can’t Personalize Leaflet Printing

Fact: personalized print campaigns are known to bring better engagement results.  Owing to different printing services and materials in the industry, it is easier to personalize leaflet prints with specific city names, logos and color schemes.

  • Myth: Few Consumers Read Leaflets

Fact: you’d be rather amazed to know that more than 75% of recipients are attracted to leaflets rather than billboards.  They give a proper glance over leaflet content and keep it in the bag for future reference.

Almost 50% of print recipients show quick actions to the leaflet’s messages.  They take steps by going in-person to the business location, placing a product order or getting in touch for more information.

  • Myth: Leaflet Printing is Expensive

Fact: one of the most affordable advertising methods is leaflet printing.  Since output is small in size and the process is simpler, orders are in bulk and offer cost-effective rates in the industry.  Leading London print services now deliver value-for-money prices in a huge range of options.

  • Myth: Targeted Online Ads Are Better Than Printed Leaflets

Fact: search engine strategies use consumer data in the online world but older age group remain uncountable in the data as they are not regular internet users.  This is where leaflet prints help to target every consumer base, depending on its distribution factors.

  • MYTH: Print Campaigns Do Not Deliver Effective Results

Fact: leaflet printed materials help grab a customer’s attention over longer intervals; it certainly leaves more effective, longer results.  There are a huge number of distractions when surfing the internet.  At times, email pop-ups bombard you or social media posts fill up the notification bar.  On the other hand, when we sit with a leaflet or newspaper, we tend to give our undivided attention to its content.

  • MYTH: Printing Causes Harm to the Environment

Fact: now is the time to expand your knowledge about the use of paper products.  Print materials are recyclable and thus cause no harm to the environment.  Most London print companies use FSC approved or recycled paper for printed materials, such as flyers and brochures.

  • MYTH: You Cannot Mix the Printing and Digital Mediums

Fact: it’s better to leverage data-driven insights with an integrated marketing campaign of printing and digital advertising.  Having a mix of offline and online channels is possible when you keep track of the response rates.

  • MYTH: There Are Limited Numbers of Options in the Printing Industry

Fact: the print industry offers many marketing collateral options, such as textured papers, brochures and endless color combinations.  Create unique, eye-popping designs with leaflet printing mediums.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve heard all the facts, stop believing all the myths and get to know more about the printing industry’s promotional benefits.  This is the time to get an integrated marketing approach with a London printing company to drive the best results.

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