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7 Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers for Marketing Your Business 1

7 Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers for Marketing Your Business

With the increase of sellers online with recognized brands right through to startups and dropshipping stores, it’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd. With customized boxes and packages often catching a massive minimum order and associated cost, it’s often more economic to get creative and use vinyl sticker printing to customize more generic packaging and even brand your products. Here are the five innovative ways to use vinyl stickers to enhance your e-commerce branding and stand out from your competitors.

1. Packaging Labels:

Adding your logo to generic packaging is essential in establishing a robust brand identity. Vinyl stickers are an excellent alternative to fully printed boxes, with a lower cost and more flexibility to renew your boxes or bags at any time. If you know how to create an eye-catching design, you can create a truly standout product packaging with standard cardboard boxes and vinyl stickers. In addition, metallic stickers will add a luxe vibe to your packaging if you are in a more premium segment of the market.

2. Product Branding:

If you are sourcing and selling generic products, it’s great to add your personal branding. Vinyl stickers are a great way to do it. For instance, solid luggage often has a small blank panel specially designed for your logo; therefore, you should definitely use it.

3. Stickers and Sticker Sheets

Brands have been using stickers as a promotional tool for years. You can add viny stickers to your product, laptop, car, or just about anything. Your customers will get something for free, and you will get the promotion. Viny sticker printing is a great option as it can be cut into any shape or size. They are perfect for including with almost any product. Sticker sheets are also a great option, offering your customers a selection of stickers on a clean branded sheet.

4. Personalise your Brand’s Message:

 When it comes to window vinyl sticker, they help in managing the entire range of graphics, be it line art vinyl or high-definition images. Some stores use window stickers as a perforated material that helps you see outside of the store, but people outside cannot see the store’s interior. They can only see the information and images used on the window decals that triggers their interest to come into your store. Avoid using small text because that would not look attractive. Go for large fonts instead to get customer’s attention and display personalized brand messages.

5. Boost Sales:

Use custom vinyl stickers to take advantage of your highly visible real estate-your storefront windows and doors. Add window viny window stickers to promote that promote a current event or sales. Viny stickers are very easy to remove and replace and do not damage the existing structure. Vinyl stickers for windows can also be used to promote seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, back to school, or spring break. Viny stickers are very affordable and easy to replace, so your business can easily update them throughout the year.

6. Vinyl Stickers are Versatile:

Vinyl stickers are versatile because you can use them in multiple places like mirrors, storefronts, car windows, and even big interior windows. All you need to do is streamline the entire process and move past the standard sticker artwork that is used in store windows.

7. Bag Seal Stickers:

 If your product comes in an envelope or bag, it’s a great strategy to add a vinyl sticker to seal the bag. It can be an excellent idea for stationery, candy, chocolates, or just anything with loose products. Vinyl stickers will give it a touch of a class.

The Bottom Line

Vinyl stickers are a great and affordable way to add fresh design to an existing product line. If you are looking for prints in North London, the experts at Printpal London can help you get the customized stickers and banners.

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