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6 Ways to Use Leaflets to Market in the Digital Era

Digital platforms have allowed for unrivalled customizability and targeting specific people. Unfortunately, the ‘people’ are continually bombarded with marketing material. Couple that with humanity’s dwindling attention span, it is unlikely anyone will remember your post after clicking the like and share button. 

In contrast, physical marketing materials allow customers to have your ad in hand. It enables them to marvel at the beauty and effort put into your perfectly-designed leaflets. This is why brochures are still relevant in today’s digital era.

 Want to implement leaflets for marketing? Here are six tips to help you do so.

1. Use Striking Color and Designs

Don’t blend in with the crowd. Be bold and loud! Your leaflet must be eye-catching, different from the rest to stand out from the crowd. In addition, it should also stir curiosity and add to your audience’s interest. 

How you go about doing this is totally up to you. It can be done with humour, shock tactics, visual appearance, or in any way at all. 

2. Use Emotive Copy

Your images should be striking, and your headlines should be too. The text should be bold, triggering and resonating with your reader’s emotions. You want your leaflet to evoke feelings, so make sure you use powerful imagery along with text to do just that.

 3. Be Memorable

Don’t opt for leaflets packed full of information. No one’s ever going to remember all that. Instead, keep the content simple, speak in your audience’s voice, and focus on what’s important. A leaflet like that is not only more memorable but much more attractive and enjoyable to read.

 4. Look Unique

Take a long look at what your competitors (and even non-competitors) do, and avoid all of that. Be brave, be different. If they’re using lots of text accompanied with little to no images, do the opposite and use large images with small text. If they’re using both, why not use a striking font with vibrant colours on a plain background?

The first battle in marketing is to be noticed. If you can’t do that, all your efforts put into designing your leaflet is going to be wasted.

 5. Feel Different

Remember, a leaflet is a physical item. There’s a weight and feel to it, unlike a Facebook post. Experiment with different weights and stock types and choose the one that feels better than the rest. Even if you select something that isn’t the standard light, glossy paper, your leaflet is going to feel different from the rest.

 6. Get to the Point

When you visit a hotel reception lobby or a motorway service station, take a look at their leaflets. You’ll notice that they’re just crammed with information that sometimes doesn’t even make sense. Don’t end up filling your pamphlets with so much information and end up saying absolutely nothing. Be concise, and get straight to the point.

Follow our tips, and put as much effort and time as you can into the design of your leaflets. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy a considerable boost in conversion rates and an increase in sales.

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