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5 Ways Images Can Empower Your Banners – What to Know

Images are one of the most powerful types of content out there. It can invoke strong feelings of happiness and joy or even sadness and regret. Furthermore, images can create a stronger sense of connection, engaging a viewer more effectively than just a pile of text can. With that said, marketing efforts should be utilizing imagery to its fullest potential, supporting different types of ads with pictures.

Are you creating banners for advertisement? Here are five ways images can empower your banners:

1. Makes it Easy to Remember

What’s easier to remember: a pile of text or an image that sits next to it to describe what the text is saying in picture form? For the majority of people out there, the image is the one they remember more clearly. In that sense, if your banner has a picture, people will retain your banner for much longer and clearer compared to if they were reading a banner filled with text only.

2. Gets to the Point

With so many competitors around, wasting a customer’s time trying to decipher what you’re trying to sell is a rookie mistake. What you have to achieve is to tell your audience exactly what you’re selling in the fastest way possible. You can easily do that by using images that summarize the message of your banner. That way, customers instantly get a rough idea of who you are and what you’re selling.

3. Caters to Modern Trends

Social media has acted as a platform for many to share images about different things without the need for text. With today’s generations, many people carry some cameras to capture various things to share on those platforms. It is this kind of habit—the sharing of pictures—that gives you the chance to capitalize on this trend. In other words, using images on banners speaks to the heart of the audience.

4. Advertises Your Brand

Not only are you promoting a specific item on the banner, but the images on that banner can also tell your audience who you are. If the images on your banner display a form of professionalism and luxury, the part of the audience that leans towards those elements become more attracted to work with you. 

If the images on the banner scream colourful and creative, the artistic group of the audience will be more interested in you. In other words, how you use your image will tell others who you are, attracting the right customers. As a plus, the better your pictures are, the better the chance of allowing your brand to enjoy a great first impression.

5. Gets Shared Among the Audience

One of the most effective ways to engage a customer is to utilize imagery that creates a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Especially if your banner is built around humour, your advertisements will be much more discussed among the audience, engaging and attracting even more customers to you.

Images are powerful, especially in the marketing world. Very few come close to how effective pictures are at attracting, engaging, and converting potential buyers into paying customers. With that said, implement images to your banners, and as many other advertisement channels that you have.

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