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5 Tips to Make Striking Pop-Up Banner Stands – Our Guide

An exhibition or conference is a rather rare event where you can showcase your product and service to the attendees. However, seeing that you have but a limited time to catch the attention of the passersby, it’s quite a challenge to make sure that your company stands out. It takes much time and resources to set up an effective booth with a striking appeal during an exhibition. Because of this, you should invest your marketing funds in materializing a well-thought-of concept.

How can you make most out of your pop-up banner stands? Here are five tips for creating a banner stand that will grab the attention of your viewers:

1. Plan ahead.

For you to make a fantastic and eye-catching pop-up banner stand, you need to create your plan ahead of time. Take note that any sign of cramming can be seen in the quality of your final output, which is why you must prepare beforehand. You need to identify your supporting marketing material and provide a timeline that will achieve the materialization of your marketing plans. 

2. Position it with preciseness.

Remember that pop-up banners are best viewed from a nearer distance compared to other types. Make sure that you position your banner in a location where there is high foot traffic to increase the chances of people actually seeing your banner. You must also use the proper text size and colour to make sure your message is conveyed effectively. Lastly, choose a background graphic that looks simple yet eye-catching.

3. Opt for a professional look.

Every company must make its pop-up banner stands not only look professional but also have a professional vibe. Try to avoid clashing colour schemes or photos that may seem interesting but look crowded and unprofessional. Stick to the classic elements of design, such as lines, shapes, and human or natural figures.

4. Choose a convenient set-up feature.

With all the features or customizability that printers can offer, don’t forget to prioritize convenience. If you have a booth in an exhibit, you will have to set-up in a limited amount of time in a place that is out of your comfort zone. Because of such situations, you will want to make sure that you can easily and quickly set-up your pop-up banner stand. This will also help in the mobility and logistics of transporting your stand from one place to another.

5. Invest in the quality of your banner stand.

Trade shows or exhibitions happen not just once, but at least a few times each year. Depending on the nature of your product, you can join exhibits that are categorized under several exhibit types. For example, if you are promoting about paint, you can exhibit your showcase either during construction trade fairs or art trade shows. Because of this, you should invest in a quality banner stand. In doing so, you will save the trouble of buying new ones every few years.


Your aim is to showcase your product or service to your guests during trade shows. The best way to accomplish this is to create an effective banner stand. For you to get the most out of your pop-up banner stand, you should follow the basic branding strategies mentioned above that will surely gain the attention of your viewers.

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