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5 Tips on Designing Your Flyer to Increase Your ROI – Our Guide

Flyer printing is a great tool to advertise your brand out there where your target market can see it. However, you must design it in a way that can attract the attention of your target market and convert them into sales to increase your ROI. Many times, when a company owner has the opportunity to introduce the company’s products and services to the public, they miss out on the opportunity to do so by investing in a poorly designed flyer.

Design is half the battle in gaining a better ROI. When you get your target market to respond to your advertisement, you only need to convince them of the value that your product or services can add to their life. That’s why you need to make the design thought-provoking. It should make a person look twice (the second time would be to grab the flyer). 

If you genuinely want to improve your ROI, you need to create a flyer with an intelligent design that is compelling and useful. It should tell a story and inspire your target market to act the way you want to. It should contain a message that can be conveyed quickly.

Here are tips to make your flyer useful and geared to reach your bottom line:

1. Maintain its functionality. 

This means that it should be widely distributed in a public place. You can also choose to post the flyers in strategic locations or send them out via email. Make sure that it contains the most basic information of your brand, what you’re offering, how it can add value, where you’re located, and how customers can reach you.

2. Keep it simple.

Remember that flyers are made of paper, which means that they can easily break. Don’t spend too much on a design with a material that’s not meant to last. That said, keep it simple. You have to sell the product, not distract potential customers with your over the top designs. 

3. Remove visual clutter.

 Make the information on the flyer readable. You must not forget that for a marketing plan to be effective, you must use effective communication. This is an essential tip to consider if you weight the fact that a reader only has a three to five seconds attention span. 

4. Use a conversational tone

Make sure that you use a conversational tone in your flyers. Studies have shown that lonely people respond to random conversational messages. That’s because, in their subconscious, they’re looking to make conversation with someone. People often buy what appeals most to their eyes, so use this to your advantage. Use tones that are friendly, conversational, and trust-worthy. 

5. Know your audience

In designing an effective flyer, you must first know your audience. If you know them by their ethnical background, their age, their educational background, their preferences, and more, you can create an advertisement message that will be fitting for your target market. 

A flyer is just a paper that people may ignore every day. By following the tips mentioned above, you will contribute to the increase in your ROI? Give it a try and witness the results.

If you’re looking for a same-day flyer printing service in London, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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