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5 Things to Double-Check Before Printing a Brochure

Printed brochures can be a great marketing tool for your business, but there are a few things to remember when creating them. Of course, the design process is important, but other factors are also to consider. This article covers five things that many people forget about when printing brochures.

1. The Cover Page

Your cover page is the most critical page of your brochure. Make sure it’s engaging and will make your customer want to read more. The cover page should be enticing and make the customer want to turn the page to find out more about your product or service.

Ensure your cover page is eye-catching and informative, so potential customers know what your brochure is all about. You might even want to highlight some key pages inside the brochure. Don’t print your brochure until you’re pleased with the cover page. Remember, it’s the first thing anyone will see, influencing whether or not they pick it up.

2. The Binding

The next step is to choose how your brochure will be bound. The number of pages you use can affect your choice, but cost and appearance are also important factors. Saddle stitching (stapling) and perfect binding are the most popular options for brochures, but wiro binding is also popular for professional documents.

3. Borders and Bleed Area

Remember to account for the bleed area when printing a brochure with background colours or images. This will prevent white strips from appearing on the final page, which can sometimes happen due to movement in the print process. 

Setting up a 5mm border around the page will also ensure that no text or graphics run off the page. The last thing you want is to print a brochure only to discover that some letters are missing. This 5mm border is known as the safe area. You can find out more about the bleed area here.

4. Proofing

Many people forget the importance of proofing when printing a brochure. You would rarely put something in print without checking it first. Proof your brochure before sending it to the printer. Ask a friend or family member to proof it for you. Fresh eyes can help you see if your message is clear.

If you have invested time and money into creating a brochure for your business, it may be worth considering hiring a professional proofreader. This person will look at your brochure and check for any spelling, grammar, or layout issues.

5. Only Print What You Need

One final suggestion is only to print as many brochures as you need. Many businesses will choose to print more because it’s cheaper per brochure. However, this costs more money in the long run, and you’ll likely have brochures sitting around collecting dust for months or even years. Print only what you need; if the brochure is successful, you can always print more.


Brochures are an essential marketing tool for businesses and individuals alike. Make sure you’re aware of the five things to double-check before printing a brochure. You’ll avoid some embarrassing mistakes, and you’ll be able to present a professional brochure that looks great and gets a positive response from customers.

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