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5 Reasons Why Traditional Print Advertising Is Still Effective Today

5 Reasons Why Traditional Print Advertising Is Still Effective Today

It may seem like traditional print is dying or dead in an ever-immersive digital world, right? Some publications like Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Economist have focused their efforts on online avenues, even charging first-time visitors a subscription fee before they can thoroughly read an article! But does this truly mean there is no use for traditional print now?

Absolutely not! There are still ways physical publications can boost a modern marketing budget. Here are five reasons why it is still relevant today.

1. It Is Trusted

Since advertisements on billboards and other publications go through a screening process by an advertising council, it builds trust with the audience since they sense what they’re seeing has been filtered meticulously.

It also takes a lot of money to place ads and posters in commercial areas, so this kind of print advertising guarantees its originators are legitimate businesses registered and permitted to sell wares. 

This is in stark contrast to online marketing. Anyone can market products regardless of business standing or economics as long as they have an email address and a social media account. Such cases raise concerns about legitimacy and fraudulent representation.

2. The Human Brain Recognises Physical Print Well

Research has shown that print ads register differently to the brain than their online counterparts. A study done by Temple University found out that those who read print ads were more engaged with the subject matter. They took more time to read, understand, and react to the content. They even had more desire for the product featured!

This is mainly because the printed ad is a single piece of material. Therefore, it holds the reader’s attention for an average of 20 minutes since there is nothing but the item’s information, brand, and manufacturer. In contrast, smartphones and computers function as devices that handle several apps; hence, the user’s attention is always divided.

3. Traditional Print Performs Well with Millennials

Despite the millennial generation growing up during the online technology boom, their childhoods began with traditional media such as newspapers, books, and magazines. This trend is probably why a Customer Focus and Quad/Graphics survey noted an estimated average of 64 per cent pay attention to snail mail, retail inserts, catalogues, and physical publications!

These numbers further prove the value of traditional print even in a digital world.

4. It Can Improve Your Current Marketing Strategy

You can leverage print advertising’s trustworthiness by including it in your marketing strategy. Combine digital and physical promotions to solidify the campaign’s credibility. Omnichannel presence can broaden your scope and reach out to more customers than if you focused on one or the other.

5. It Creates Better Recall

Information overload through social media and Internet browsing can make you forget most of what you scroll past. Add to that the convenience of revisiting a page or site, and you have less recall about the brand since you can just look through your browsing history.

Giveaways, flyers, or posters are visual cues that help you remember important information about the campaign. You can leave it in your bag or on your desk, and you’ll keep seeing the brand details every time. Since print advertising registers with brains better than digital ads, this creates better recall to engage with the business sooner or later.

In Closing

Print is not dead. It is alive, well, and capable of boosting your marketing campaigns for maximum profits! Include it in promos with the right target audience to create organic virality and build better relationships between them and your brands.

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