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5 Key Factors to Consider for Your Custom Label Design

5 Key Factors to Consider for Your Custom Label Design

Labels are often designed and developed to promote a business and market its products or services for brand awareness and recognition. Whether roll, single, or sheet labels, they are an excellent way to convey your brand message to the public. However, to make them effective, you have to be highly critical of their design and printing. As much as possible, you must come up with a custom design that clearly reflects your brand and effectively resonates with your target market.

In this article, we will share five key factors to consider for your custom label:

1. Materials to be used

The initial factor to consider is the type of material you’ll use for your custom labels, as this sets the tone and limitations of your design. This means that all the design elements you want to incorporate must be suited for your chosen material. For instance, if you’re looking to have labels on a roll, you must ensure that the content and graphics fit the shapes and sizes, as well as the texture and finish of your materials.

2. Layout features

Once you’ve chosen the materials to be used for your custom labels, you can go ahead and come up with the layout. In this process, here are three key factors to consider:

  • Colour: Be sure to play with colour psychology to ensure that your chosen shades can effectively catch your audiences’ attention and keep them captivated. At the same time, the colours you choose must reflect your brand as well.
  • Font: One way to effectively convey your message is to have the right typography. Make sure they are legible and professional at the same time without compromising aesthetic appeal.
  • Theme: Your chosen theme will make a huge difference in your custom labels’ outcome in keeping all the design elements cohesive. Keep in mind that you should also have a consistent theme on all your designs so that customers can easily recognise you.

3. Graphics

The graphics refer to your labels’ overall visuals that include all the design elements, minus the text itself. These elements will work together to create a brand impression and convey a strong message as much as possible. They must not distract the content itself but must highlight it!

4. Shape and size

On a more specific note, you must consider your custom labels’ shapes and sizes as they will set your design elements’ restrictions. Whether you want to produce single labels, sheet labels, or even glass window stickers, the shapes and sizes determine your label outputs and where they will be displayed for marketing and promotion.

5. Finish

As far as the finish of your custom labels is concerned, you have a handful of options to choose from, but it all boils down to your company’s taste and the effect you hope to achieve. Whether it’s a glossy and matte finish or a shiny and reflective one, decide what works for your business and your audience.


At this point, we’ve covered the five key factors to consider for your custom label design. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for designing, be sure to consider all the valuable factors mentioned above. To that end, it’s best to work with the design and printing experts who can bring out the best in your labels, and you’ll be surprised at how your labels can increase your brand awareness and promote your business!

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