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5 Creative Ways to Use Stickers to Boost Your Company’s Sales

Over the years, the business landscape competition has become cut-throat, and you could use any advantage possible to beat them all out. Well, we have a secret for you to boost your sales: stickers! 

That’s right. With stickers, you can penetrate the market with the messages you want to convey effectively. Stickers can help everyone knows what you’re up to, and everyone becomes interested in what you’re doing. With it, you can tell everyone about your upcoming sale, ongoing promotions, substantial price cuts, and much more.

If you are looking for more ideas to boost your company’s sales, here are five creative ways you can use stickers to do so:


Integrate social media

Social media is where you interact with your customers, get them excited for upcoming product releases, and interest them with promotions.

With stickers, you can imprint content into them, such as hashtags and connect them to promotions and sales. That way, customers can engage themselves in posting your hashtags online and displaying the products they’ve bought. This way, it’ll create a stir among their circle of network and entice others to buy the same items immediately.


Enhance your packaging

While many companies will box up orders in brown, ugly cardboard boxes and have them shipped out immediately, you can step up your game and add a little personal touch to it. 

While you can create wonderfully designed packaging to put your items in, a sticker with your logo on it can act as a final touch that will be added on top of the package. Not only will customers know exactly where the package came from, but because you put effort into adding that sticker, they’ll feel much more appreciated.


Direct customers

Have you ever had customers wander around your stores with zero clues as to where the items they’re looking for are located? Know that you can easily fix that with stickers!

Just like signage, you can use stickers to help customers identify which alley contains the products they’re looking for, which products have discounts on them, and more. Have the stickers and their definitions displayed in as many places as possible, reminding your customers which ones mean what and help them realize what they’re looking for.


Repurpose your marketing material

When you’ve printed hundreds upon thousands of pamphlets and other printed materials, they might go out of date if you don’t finish using them all. What do we mean by out of date? Well, when you have new promotions coming up, you might not be able to add this new information to the already-printed marketing materials. 

With stickers, however, you can print this new information onto them and stick them right on the printed materials. As such, you have just saved yourself money from needing to printing entirely new leaflets.


Highlight a discount

Perhaps the best way you can use the stickers is to highlight a discount. Place them on packages and products to tell customers that you have something special they should take advantage of. Just remember to make them pop out of its surroundings with flashy colours and other striking aesthetics so that your customers will not miss out on the promotion.


Wrapping up

There are just so many ways you can use stickers, all of which will help you stand out amidst the competition. That said, while it is essential that the labels benefit your company with a boost in sales, you’ll also need to pay attention to what the customers want. In other words, by incorporating the tips given above, you’ll be able to effectively use the stickers to satisfy the customer’s needs and boost your company’s sales at the same time! Looking for a printing company in London? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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