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5 Advantages of Roller Banner Stand for Your Business Events

5 Advantages of Roller Banner Stand for Your Business Events

There are trade fairs and events all over the UK every year. Whether you’re a big or small business, new to exhibiting, or a seasoned pro, specific display solutions are ideal for any event. 

Roller banner stands are incredibly cost-effective for promoting your product or service, so it’s time to consider using them. See how effectively using roller banner stands will give you time to improve your graphics and ensure your message is communicated effectively. 

Before attending an event, consider the following advantages of using a roller banner stand:

1. Affordable

To save money, some businesses may think it’s a good idea to cut back on advertising. However, by considering low-budget marketing materials, they are compromising the quality of their advertising, and how else would they communicate what product or service they are offering?

A roller banner stand is an excellent investment for any business owner who wants to attend events. After all, you must ensure your trade fair or event booth is visible and eye-catching.

2. Portable and Easy to Store

Roller banner stands are not only economical but also very portable. The complete stand, including the base, telescopic pole, and graphics, comes in a carry bag. The bag is easy to carry over the shoulder or by hand, making transport hassle-free. The telescopic pole is easily dismantled for packing away.

Roller banners are quick and easy to set up and take down, and the graphic panel can be rolled up into the base for protection during transport and storage. Roller banners are a very lightweight marketing display, making them perfect for event marketing.

3. Highly Versatile

Roller banners are an ideal marketing tool for various events, including exhibitions, trade shows, and marketing events. They don’t occupy much space. In this case, you can use your exhibit space more efficiently by adding accessories like leaflet holders and product displays.

You can even add more details as you exert your creativity. You have put in the effort, do your research, and now it is time to let the audiences know that you are here and ready to show what you can do. Make the most of your opportunities and attract those potential customers to you.

4. Quick to Setup

Roller banners are very simple to set up and take down. Just pull the pole out of the base to your desired length, attach it to the base, and pull your graphics up to connect to the bar – it’s that simple.

This display is easy to transport and set up by one person, without extra tools or costs for an exhibition stand contractor.

5. Highlights Marketing Message

A roller banner stand is a perfect way to advertise a new product or service. It will give your company the exposure it deserves. Double-sided banners are perfect for events when you want to be seen from all directions. They allow you to target visitors from all angles, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

You could also use a display light to improve your graphics. These can be attached easily to the top of your display.

Tips in Using Roller Banner Stand

When creating your graphic design, choose colours that will complement each other. A generic design may also be beneficial, so the banner can be reused, saving you money. Having dates on your graphics isn’t always ideal as it limits the number of times you can use them.

It’s also best to avoid any wording that may need to be changed in the future. Fancy writing on the typography of your roller banner stand may be ineffective as it is difficult for some people to read. In this case, keep the wording design simple but bold. 

Additionally, too many words on display may look too busy and cause the viewer to lose interest. For this reason, ensure your message is clear without providing too much information.


Any event can be worthwhile if you can learn new things and widen your business network. There are so many roller banners stands available in the market, and when you choose the right one, you will be able to make the best out of your event. It will be the perfect opportunity to introduce your business to a diverse audience.

By using a roller banner stand, you can make your presence felt quickly at any event without spending a lot of money.

Remember, a roller banner is a perfect way to save time and money and have a professional image at your next event. PrintPal London can help you design and create a roller banner suitable for your brand. Contact us now to sell you a high-quality roller banner stand at a competitive price.

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