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4 Ways to Find out If Flyers & Posters Are Boosting Your ROI – Guide

Flyers and posters are practical advertising tools to advertise your brand to your potential clients. However, how do you determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaign? This is what many business people desire to find out. Are the posters and flyers distributed helping your ROI? It’s not always easy to calculate the returns of your marketing efforts. However, doing so is essential so that you can optimize your print campaigns, as well as gain valuable insights from these marketing tools. 

To measure your ROI, you will need a clear and direct response from your target audience as a result of the flyers and posters. Therefore, these marketing devices should have a call to action (CTA) that tells your customers what they should do next in a manner that you can track. The form of contact between your business and your target market varies according to your campaigns. 

This article will reveal the tactics you can employ to track your ROI and improve it using the power of flyers and posters.

1. Establish an ideal result.

When your target market sees your flyer or poster, what do you want them to do? Should they order now as your CTA suggests? If yes, measure the success with the response rate, which is the percentage of the target customers reacting to your marketing campaign. If the CTA says call now, measure the number of inquiries made through the phone lines. 

2. Use coupons and vouchers

A printed flyer is the perfect material to include coupons and vouchers. Your customers can receive discounts and freebies of your product and services through this system. Take note that customers don’t respond to the typical 10 per cent discount. It has to be 15 per cent or more. This is another way for you to track the effectiveness of your printed marketing materials. 

Coupons and vouchers work well for walk-in customers at spas, stores, restaurants, salons, and others alike. You can even track the different areas where your customers come from if you use specific colours, coupons, and vouchers per area. This is also a perfect way for you to gain an insight into which flyer gathered the most response rate to help you consolidate the information and data you get from your existing customers. 

3. Use QR codes

QR codes are another great way to measure your ROI. Print them upon your posters and flyers to allow your potential customers to interact with your company on the spot. When they scan it, they should be led to your website or your Facebook business page. They can make a call or even send an email. Use a URL referrer link, or an email address, or even an extension number to track the interactions. If you want to cover a larger area, break it up and target specific locations using individual codes. 

4. Ask walk-ins

Determine how new customers heard about you. When they walk inside your store and make a purchase, that will be the best time for you to ask the question. This way, you will also know where they’re coming from, which will help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing material in a specific place.

Measuring ROI can sometimes be difficult to attain. The tactics mentioned above will help you determine whether or not you’re getting your ROI. They’re also effective ways to help you improve your campaigns. 

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