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4 Tips for Designing Creative Wedding Cards & Invitations – Our Guide

Designing wedding cards and invitations is an excellent method to express your creative and innovative designs. There are many ways to materialize your ideas, such as designing with long tails or foiling, or customizing through laser-cut patterns. While exploring options and getting inspiration from the internet, you might feel overwhelmed with all the available styles that you find. 

To help you with your project, we have listed five design tips below to help you in designing creative wedding cards and invitations.

1. Focus on the bride and groom’s aesthetic.

A wedding is a celebration that should be focused only on the bride and groom, which is why the details should be crafted to match the personality of the couple. For example, if the couple has a fun and spunky personality, their invitations must consist of colourful elements. 

Meanwhile, if they prefer a sleek and sophisticated look, their design should consist of simple and minimalistic elements with neutral colours or the classic black and white. Keep in mind that all the wedding details should harmonize with each other. Because of this, it’s essential to have one wedding theme that reflects the bride and groom’s aesthetic. Then, the wedding cards and invitations should follow the chosen theme to complement the rest of the elements of the wedding.

2. Ensure that your template is clearly arranged.

You will need to make sure that the information on the wedding card or invitation is legible and that it is easy to understand with a clearly arranged template. Your carefully chosen background elements will go to waste if the template is not arranged correctly because an excellent invitation should not only look gorgeous but also be informational. It should inform the guests of the who, what, where, when, and how of the wedding celebration. 

It’s also essential to include the dress code for the event. To make your design more creative, you can include illustrations of the wedding attire. This will make your guests certain in choosing their attire for your big day. 

3. Use a sophisticated typeface.

The typeface is the most important element in the wedding invitation since it’s the first element that your audience sees upon receiving the invitation. Whether you’re designing a classic minimalist invitation or a fun and bright one, choose a sophisticated typeface that looks simple, yet timeless. 

You can use a brush or calligraphy fonts, especially for your wedding logo. You can also choose basic and reliable fonts such as Sans Serif or Helvetica that will work well with any design.

4. Carefully select your ampersand.

Not many are aware of the powers of the ampersand. It actually has an understated function of creating harmony in the centre of your wedding invitation, which can actually make or break your overall design. Instead of spelling out the word “and” in between the bride and groom’s names, using an ampersand will give an enhanced appeal to the whole look of the design. There are many ways to improve the ampersand by attaching calligraphy swirls on the head or foot of the character.


Whether you’re dealing with a client or making one for your own wedding, designing wedding cards and invitations is the chance to create lasting impressions on your audience. Not only can you showcase your skills as a designer, but you can also show your personality in the designs. 

If you are looking for an invitation card printing in London, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.