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4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt for Sticker Marketing

When you think about marketing, you may direct your attention to digital trends, like social media and video content. However, since many brands have already entered the market, it can become a massive turn off to your prospective customers when you simply follow what’s popular. Fortunately, you have the chance to be more strategic by considering sticker marketing. To find out more about its benefits and why you should consider investing in it, consider the following reasons: 

Boosts exposure in a creative, compelling way

One of the first things you should look into when running marketing campaigns for your business is determining if your brand’s exposure will be effective and yield optimal results. Unfortunately, since many customers are being bombarded with these kinds of content, they develop an aversion to advertisements by either blocking the branded content or hitting the skip button. 

When you use sticker marketing, you can entice customers at first glance because it is not something that is conventionally done by businesses, meaning you can set your brand apart. You have the chance to present details in an innovative way, like by embedding your store’s contact details in a cartoon printed vinyl sticker. As a result, you can put a smile on your customers’ faces through your exciting marketing efforts. 

Ensures cost-effective yet high-quality marketing

Many businesses are often at the mercy of various cost-effective marketing solutions to promote their products and services. For instance, if you want to target a particular demographic through social media advertising, you have to pay a high amount of money just to do so. The same problem goes for television commercials, radio promotions, and billboards. Because most business often has to take out huge costs, you rarely see small-to-medium enterprises launching marketing campaigns. 

Businesses like yours don’t have to worry about advertising costs when you use sticker marketing because it is way cheaper than online advertising. You can even expect top-quality printed materials that any customer would be happy to receive! The best part is stickers have quick turnaround times, enabling you to design and print easily for more convenient launches. 

Allows your business to promote in high-traffic areas 

Just like you would place massive billboards on major roads, you can do the same for stickers by placing them strategically in various densely populated places. You can even get dedicated customers involved by asking for informed suggestions for sticker placement, like at their office’s memo board or on the public bathroom mirrors. The challenge is you have to think about how the customer would view them since they are smaller than commercial billboard advertisements. Additionally, ensure you have consent from either the local authorities and other concerned parties to place your stickers wherever you want. 

Promotes customer appreciation and ease in sharing 

One of the downsides of virtual mediums for marketing is that customers don’t have any tangible incentive that can draw them into your brand. All they can really do is like an online post, screenshot a deal, and hope they can remember the necessary information they need to make a purchase. 

With a sticker, it literally and figuratively means your branding “sticks with them.” In other words, you establish more authentic customer-to-business relationships as compared to your competitors. As a result, you can build your client base from the ground up, allowing you to incentivise supportive customers and promote your brand effectively! 


As you can see, investing in stickers have a tiny yet massive impact on brand visibility and personalised campaigns. You can even access different printing formats and materials based on your preferences to target your ideal customers. Meanwhile, if you are having trouble bringing this form of promotional material into your marketing efforts, consult with experts like us to assist you! 

Are you in need of same-day sticker printing for your marketing efforts? Check out our high-quality options at PrintPal London. We also specialise in business stationery and graphic design solutions, ensuring you have the means to promote your products and services effectively. Claim a free quote today! 

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