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4 Helpful Tips When Making Your Brochure from Scratch

4 Helpful Tips When Making Your Brochure from Scratch

Creating a DIY brochure may seem easy, but it’s hard to make it perfect, especially if you start from scratch. As you know, brochures are one of the marketing collaterals you can use to leverage people’s awareness of your business. It can create an impact and impression on your existing and potential customers, so it’s necessary to work on creating a beautiful design and layout for your brochure.

Fortunately for you, we have curated some tips on how you can make your brochure look perfect when you’re making it from scratch. Keep on reading to learn about our tips!

Tip #1: Choose the Best Brochure Printers

Before starting with your project, you must look for the best brochure printers so that you can effectively plan out the design, materials and sizes you will use. No matter how beautiful your design is or how well the content inside your brochure is written, it will not be perfect if you don’t have the best brochure printers. Low-quality printers can ruin the entire effect of your brochure design. It’s crucial to look for a quality printer that can give you high-quality results to avoid putting your efforts to waste. 

Tip #2: Consider Making Your Design Simple

Minimalism is the trend today as it is often equated with wealth and success. Gone are the days when they were full of colours, prints and textures. People now appreciate designs with focal points, and they often turn down designs that are too cluttered. That said, keep your brochure simple and direct to the point as much as possible. Simple lines and details are often perceived as classy, too.

However, your design will still depend on how you want your business to be viewed. Essentially, the brochure designs can speak volumes about a brand; that’s why it’s important to choose designs that will resonate with your brand’s personality. 

Tip #3: Include Shapes to Create Individuality

Most of us are probably familiar with the traditional tri-fold brochure design. It is commonly used by many, so it’s challenging to get your brochure noticed. However, you can make yours unique by adding interesting visual elements like shapes. Shapes are perfect for creating individuality and are ideal for creating eye-catching sections in the brochure, which are excellent locations for important information and CTAs. 

Tip #4: Utilise 3D Folding Brochures

If you really want your brochure to get noticed and stand out from the competition, having a 3D folding brochure is a surefire way to catch their attention. However, it may take a lot of extra planning from your end, but the benefits you can get will be tenfold if you try to have this brochure style.


Remember, brochures are one of the marketing collaterals that can bring a significant boost to your business. It can expand your company’s visibility and provide positive press about your company. But, you can only get the most out of brochures’ benefit if it is well-designed and properly executed. Make sure to follow our tips, and don’t forget to use the best brochure printers in the industry. 

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