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4 Effective Ways to Distribute Event Flyers – Our Guide

There’s no denying that flyers are a great way to attract people to your event. They are deemed to be one of the most traditional, creative, and exciting ways to communicate with people. When it comes to distributing these flyers, however, you’re limiting yourself if you’re walking the streets and handing out flyers to passersby. There are other more effective means to distribute your event flyers. The purpose is to ensure they reach the hands of the right people, and the goal is to encourage recipients to attend.

Below are four ways that you can get the event flyers in the hands of the right people without having to spend hours on the street corner:

Direct mail

One way to get your event flyers to the right people is to send the invitation directly to them. If you’ve been gathering the names and addresses of leads, don’t let them go to waste. Send the invitation via the mail! Do know, however, that this can be a costly option. If you’re on a tight budget, consider using mail merge, printing your own labels, and stuffing the envelopes yourself. Don’t have the time? Look into services that will handle the mailing for you.

Local shops

Displaying your event flyers at local shops is a traditional way to get your message out in the world. Before doing so, be sure to visit the stores in person and ask permission to display a stack of your flyers on the windows or tables. Put them in the waiting area where people sit and browse over some stuff while waiting. Make sure to place your flyers in a crowded area. The more people pass by, the greater the chances of your flyers being read.

Door drops

Don’t have the budget to mail flyers out? Why not deliver them at the doorsteps of potential attendees? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drop off a flyer at every house in town. Be smart by considering your target market. Are students the target market for your event? If so, visit campuses and dorms in the local area and hand leaflets out yourself!

Street distribution

Although other methods may be more convenient, there are times when street distribution can be beneficial. That said, make sure you have the authority to hand leaflets out before doing so. Ask permission in advance if you’re within private grounds and be smart by targeting the right areas in town. The best places to target are usually main streets, train/bus/tube stations, football grounds, entertainment complexes, and business centres. In the end, the target attendees for your event will determine the best days, times, and places for you to make the distribution.

Final words

When it comes to the distribution of event flyers, you aren’t only confined to the streets. As outlined above, you can mail out your invitations, display them on local shops, or drop them at the doorsteps. The final goal here is for your flyers to get in the hands of the right people and encourage them to attend. With some smart planning and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll be on your way to a successful turnout!

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