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4 Common Poster Sizes You Should Know About – Poster Printing 101

When it comes to forms of advertising, the use of posters never gets outdated. Posters have many functions, whether they are used for event advertising, product marketing, or solely for decoration. Not only are they beautiful and appealing when appropriately designed, but they are also very cost-effective. 

If there’s one certain thing, it’s that posters are still very impactful to the target market in the world of advertising. Because of this, choosing the right poster size is imperative. Your choice will depend on various factors, such as the intent to display your poster and what is advertised. Posters vary in sizes, from the smallest one to the extra-large size, and different printers also offer different dimensions. 

That said, it’s important to make sure that you select the right size when designing and bulk printing your custom posters. Below are standard poster sizes for your reference.

1. Small poster size

The smallest poster size is often referred to as edger size or tabloid paper. This type is commonly posted on bulletin boards, lamp posts, and on shop windows. It is ideal for public use to inform passersby about upcoming events. It can also be a pin-up poster used to decorate lockers and wardrobes. 

Albeit this is the smallest standard poster size, it is still large enough to hold a sufficient amount of information and grab the people’s attention. When designing, use the minimalist approach to text and imagery. Make sure that the letters are big and bold, and the message as simple as possible.

2. Medium poster size

The medium size is typically referred to as Architectural C size. This type is said to be a very versatile and widespread format. It usually consists of a little more information with a more detailed image. This poster is large enough for advertising and promoting concerts, festivals, or sporting events. 

It can be seen in doctor’s offices, in the street, and on bulletin boards. When designing for this poster size, it is still recommended that you use the minimalist approach. As you don’t have meters of graphic space to play with, make do with the limited space you have while making it simplistic and visually appealing.

3. Large poster size

The large poster size is by far the most common standard poster size used, which is also called the Architectural D Size. It can be employed for a vast array of uses, such as events, small movie posters, and commercial advertisements. This type can be easily seen in retail stores, concert halls, and public spaces. 

When designing, use a carefully chosen central image, with bright colours and a large font. The goal is to catch the attention of the audience. This time, however, you can include small details elsewhere on your poster. Interested individuals can read closely about your product or event to obtain further information.

4. Extra-large poster size

The extra-large poster size is typically associated with a movie poster. This is what the film industry refers to as One Sheet that you usually see standing in a movie theatre. This type is used to promote concerts, festivals, and music albums. It is ideal for outdoor advertising as it can be seen from a distance. 

When designing, you may pay particular attention to the details on the poster. Since it is large enough, there’s nothing to worry about the poster elements being highly visible. What you should consider is the durability of the poster paper, and make sure that the poster is waterproof. Also, take note that it doesn’t crease up or tear apart when wet, or when the glue is applied.

Choosing the right poster size is relatively simple and straightforward. Know where you want to display it and know the purpose of its display. Consider the sizes mentioned above and see what fits your poster display and particular event. When it comes to printing, take note of the cost, style, and use. Whatever your desires or needs are, follow the guide above, and you’ll end up with the perfect poster.

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