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3 Ways Print Flyers Can Help With Promoting Your Event – Our Guide

Regardless of whether it may be a concert, conference, or massive sale, handling any event comes with its own set of tasks and responsibilities. Out of all the different responsibilities that must be taken care of, promoting the event should never be overlooked.

There are many ways to promote an event, and choosing a medium to focus on can be quite challenging. You can do a TV, billboard, or newspaper ad for it if you have the budget. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the digital means, such as social media posts and emails.

It can be tempting to get each and every marketing platform that’s available. However, some mediums work best on their own. Not to mention that using all of them is outright expensive. If you are a small business looking to promote a special event, then you might not have a budget large enough to accommodate a radio spot or a 30-second TV commercial.

Nonetheless, you can still promote your event successfully, and that is through the tried and tested traditional flyers.

To better understand how effective a flyer can possibly be in drawing more attendees to your event, let’s look at a few ways that it can help with the promotion:

1. There are more ways to spread the word

As opposed to other forms of marketing that are quite limited in nature, flyers can be distributed in a variety of unique ways that can be used to reach more people. All that without being too intrusive. A few methods of distribution that you can use to spread the word of your event include a door-to-door mail drop, street distribution, in-store distribution, and newspaper or magazine inserts.

2. They allow you to be more creative in the way you get your message across

When used creatively, flyers can get the word around fast to increase the turnout of your event. Some great examples of flyer creativity use captivating copy and high-quality images alone. However, you can also take things further by using high-quality graphic design and QR codes.

3. More people will listen simply because they feel more personal

In today’s digitally-driven modern day and age, more people grow attached to tangible marketing materials the longer they stay out of normalcy. Hand-crafted letters, paper booklets, and brochures all feel more valuable and worth listening to simply because you can feel the attention to detail in them. Flyers are no stranger to giving off this effect. As opposed to social media posts, expertly crafted flyers have a greater potential to pique the interest of whoever reads it because of a more personal feel that comes from the material itself. 

The bottom line

Flyers are a great way to spread awareness about your special event without having to spend a fortune on getting the word out. 

If you’re looking to get the highest-quality flyer printing service in London for your event promotion needs, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help!