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3 Tips to Select the Right-Sized Vinyl Advertisement Banners – Our Guide

Vinyl advertising banners are great because they’re an inexpensive yet effective marketing solution. They provide different businesses with an option to take their marketing further when they’ve already saturated different mediums, such as the internet, with too many of their ads.  

While you might be more worried about the design of the banners and what would be on them, one of the factors you must take into serious consideration is the size of these vinyl banners. The size contributes considerably to making the banners effective. Generally, the size will depend on how far you want your banners to be seen and what size you can accommodate.

Here are three tips that will help you ensure that you select the right size Viny Sticker printing for advertisements:

1. Distance

The size of your banner will usually affect how far it can be seen. Let’s take ads targeted at traffic as an example.

On the road, people tend to pay attention to the larger things around them. These can be large trucks, tall buildings, and billboards. While your banners won’t be as large as those towering billboards, you have one advantage: your vinyl advertisement banners are at eye level. At this height, you give yourself a higher chance (even higher than that of a billboard) at enticing drivers to catch a glimpse of your banners.

When it comes to sizing your banners, the larger they are, the further they can be seen. This means that if you want your message to be seen as far as possible, use as much space as you’re given. Keep the text large and the design simple. That way, it can catch more attention than any billboards can.

2. Proportion

While it may seem that the larger they are, the better, this isn’t always the case. It might help to use large banners by the roadside, but it won’t help if it is placed in front of your retail shop. 

Using an overly sized vinyl advertisement banner in front of your store can cause a few things. First, it might create a bad impression, causing viewers to see it as a ridiculous thing to do. Second, people will most likely forget what the banner contained thanks to the shock felt upon seeing how large it is in proportion to your store. To add to this, a large banner is also hard to keep tight, meaning that the folds and wrinkles will make the overall presentation messy. 

In other words, when someone sees a banner that’s disproportionate to your store, they’ll come to think of you as unprofessional. With that said, ensure that you opt for the right-sized banner to complement your retail store. Remember, you can still utilize the “big” size without using a big banner but by the design of its content.

3. Stands

In most cases, you’ll be using banner stands to erect your banners, such as in conventions, trade shows, malls, and so on. When it comes to sizing for these, you need to measure the space. That way, you can properly design a clean-looking banner that fits perfectly, maintaining a professional look that’ll help create great impressions about your business.

Last Notes

The size of your banner will depend on what it is used for and how much space is available. While you might be given a huge amount of space to work with, it might not always be the best idea to use large banners. Remember to keep the proportions right, and ensure that the design on the banner complements your business and the banner size itself. That way, people are attracted to read what’s on them and can pick up the message you’re delivering quickly.

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