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3 Reasons Why Traditional Print Marketing Exceeds Digital Marketing in Effectiveness

Traditional print marketing and digital marketing have their respective features that work well in various ways. The success of a marketing campaign, however, is often measured by the results. To ask which one is better depends on the amount of passion you poured into the campaign. That being said, print marketing cannot be better than digital marketing or vice versa. It depends on how much time and money you’ve invested in the campaign. 

Of course, each has its own merits that you can exploit to meet your needs. At the same time, both will also have their own downfalls that will make you change your mind about using a particular method. 

For a businessperson, they need to make their campaign materials worth it. The campaign should contribute to increasing their ROI within a period that they’ve set initially. If that doesn’t happen, it defeats the purpose of the campaign.

The context is really the game-changer. If you want an effective marketing campaign, you may mix the strengths of both print media and digital media. However, if you’ve decided only to get one, let this article help you make an informed decision.

Below are several reasons traditional print marketing exceeds digital marketing:

1. Print marketing uses a traditional approach

The results of print marketing are tried and tested, and they remain to be authentic and trustworthy. Over the past years, print marketing has been evolving and is keeping up with the changes of time. Not only does it attempt to preserve its best qualities – authenticity and trustworthiness – it can also make use of the present technology such as QR codes and Augmented Reality. Moreover, printing technologies nowadays make the process more affordable.

2. Print marketing only appeals to a specific audience

Flyers and posters appeal to a human being’s haptic (touch) memory. According to studies, this makes the most lasting emotional connection with your audience. If you customize the flyers and posters to appeal to a particular group of people, it will gain the attention of your audience at a more personal level, which will make your brand trustworthy. 

Studies also have it that if your print design is of high-quality, such as brochures and thick flyers, you will more likely gain the trust of your prospective customers. Trust is crucial for government offices and helpful organizations. It’s been proven that donations increase to fifty per cent because of high-quality printed material. 

Other than that, if your prospective target market likes your print design, they will keep it and engage with you every time they need to. This is where print media is more advantageous than digital media. It’s tangible and can build meaningful and long-lasting connections to your target market.

3. Print marketing is locale-specific

Print marketing reaches your target market faster than any other form of a marketing campaign. This is especially beneficial for businesses that strive to obtain a more local reach. Print marketing is an essential part of creating local brand recognition as it can give specific directions to your target market towards your premises. If you’re also doing a guerilla marketing campaign, print marketing is your ally. If you know where your target market frequents, handing out posters and flyers to them right there and then is an unbeatable strategy.

Print marketing is still supreme over digital marketing because its effectiveness has been tested and proven over time. Just make sure that you produce high-quality prints so that your target market will keep and can engage anytime they want.

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