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3 Reasons Graphic Design Print Marketing is Not Dead in 2021

In an increasingly paperless world where video and new media reign supreme, brands from start-ups and fortune companies often wonder if there is still a place for print media in a digitally-oriented landscape. 

However, print marketing proves to be a powerful tool that’s worth using among your wide marketing arsenal, especially when it comes to combating digital fatigue. It’s one of the most trusted forms of advertising to-date since tangible collaterals can spark confidence in your audience – be it in the form of a business card, brochure, magazine, newsletter, and more. 

Seeing as print marketing is still alive and thriving in the digital age, the list below explores its role in giving businesses a unique, competitive edge in 2021: 

Benefit #1: Print Marketing Generates a Higher Response Rate 

The online landscape is convoluted with millions of digital ads left and right, which is why modern consumers find it easier to ignore promotional materials they see on the internet. But when it comes to tangible materials like print media, it can immediately grab attention and even evoke the desired actions from your audience. 

Direct mail, for example, can yield a higher response rate since printed materials last longer, which means you can promote your campaigns beyond mobile screens. Other samples like brochures also have impeccable sticking power, especially when it comes to driving traffic for trade shows or events within your local community. 

Benefit #2: Print Marketing Builds Trust and Boosts Your Credibility 

There’s no doubt that online advertising is paramount today, but many ads can come off as spammy, especially for non-tech-savvy audiences. Print materials like brochures, flyers, and more will inspire confidence in your target market since it acts as a more concrete medium, driving up its impact by a significant margin. 

It also helps make your brand stand out, especially since print marketing can give you a unique edge as it brings something “new” to the table. Printing stickers, for example, is a fun way to increase your brand awareness and build trust. 

Benefit #3: Print Marketing Attracts High-Intent Customers 

Browsing adverts online is easy, which means anyone can scroll through your information quickly and move on to different promotions. But reading print materials requires deeper focus, especially since there are no digital disruptions that can take their attention away from your message. 

This can encourage your audience to attain quality comprehension, allowing them to remember your brand more and search for you with a higher intent of taking action. 

The Bottom Line: How Print Media Marketing Remains a Powerful Tool for Modern Businesses

Digital marketing solutions are critical to succeeding today, but adding print marketing to your roster can create a dynamic strategy that can enhance various aspects of your content. 

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